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» Monday, November 21, 2005

NeoCon Quick Searches

Borrowed Cat Bloggin!
The Spirit of Iggyfatcat politics
The Spirit of Iggy

You rarely see the spirit of a cat in a photo like this.   The link takes you to the original full size picture of Iggy at Bonnie's cat bloggin post at Gemini's Adventures.   Thanks to her for the use of this really unique picture.   She says Iggy would have fit right in on a lefty liberal blog like mine.   The way she speaks of him, Iggy was a very spirited creature.   The expression in this picture fits the dark almost evil days in which America finds itself today.   I'm gonna put Iggy in charge of watchin' over my Quick Searches of the Bush Family Evil Empire ( as BartCop's [BFEE] would say).   I have been meaning to make this list for a while and I am glad I got Bonnie's permission and am glad she approves.   It looks like we are gonna need some help from the Spirit World because Bush has covered himself quite well.   The legal world is fighting an uphill battle.   It is imperative that we maiitain vigilence in watching and documenting

The Political FireStorm

that is the beginning of the 21st Century

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