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» Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Election 2006

Let's Make Some Changes       This page will serve as a mainpage for the Elections of 2006.   I am including my own watchlist as well as the Kos/Act Blue Netroots Campaign list of candidates.   Where I find or you suggest other progressive candidates, they will be added to this page.   Your suggestions are welcome...   - fc
Updated :: Nov 7, 2006 - PM
TPM Election Central Scoreboard ::TalkingPointsMemo
Politics :: Decision 2006 ::MSNBC
Politics :: Decision 2006 :: Ohio ::MSNBC
These pages were all created to highlight specific aspects of the mid-term Elections of 2006.   This page was updated Nov. 7, 2006 :: PM

Update :: 8.24.06 :: MYDD Congressional Activism page added...   fc
Daily Kos WatchList Act Blue Watchlist
Candidate District
Ned Lamont CT-Sen
Jon Tester MT-Sen
Jim Webb VA-Sen
Eric Massa NY-29
Joe Sestak PA-07
Patrick Murphy PA-08
Jerry McNerney CA-11
Candidate District
Darcy Burner WA-08
Linda Stender NJ-07
Paul Hodes NH-02
Larry Kissell NC-08
John Courage TX-21
Dan Seals - Kos IL-10
Jay Fawcett CO-05
Note :: All Candidates' Names are hotlinks to their individual websites...   Act Blue has details about the candidates and info on how to donate to their campaigns...   - fc
MYDD WatchList Act Blue - Blue America
Candidate District
Sheldon Whitehouse RI-Sen
Jim Pederson AZ-Sen
Amy Klobuchar MN-Sen.
Candidate District
Claire McCaskill MO-Sen.
Jack Carter Nv-Sen.
Maria Cantwell WA-Sen.
Note :: Duplicates removed...   - The MYDD page also has more info on primaries...   Each candidate is linked to pages about them and also polls that are relevant to each of the candidates...   - fc
My WatchList
Candidate District
Nick Lampson TX-22
Bob Casey PA-Sen
Carl Sheeler RI-Sen
Candidate District
Zack Space OH-18
Note :: My sidebar list also included Lamont, Tester and Webb...   • Also note the candidates with the small icon after their name.   The popup links you to the Sunlight Labs Political website as well as these current lawmaker's own personal webpage   I am just trying this feature out so let me know what you think...   - fc Blog Post
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