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» Monday, November 06, 2006

Most Important Vote This Century

Vote For The Future... Election   2006 With the Democrats regaining a more powerful voice in Congress comes the turning point in the mis-administration of America by George W. Bush.   Not much need be said as to where we are today in Bush's world.   It is not a pretty thing to think about and a horror to have to live with if you are a 'boot on the ground' ( or a sandal... or a bare foot baby... ) in his malformed attempt to control the Middle East.

Bush's successful hijacking of our constitution and his abject failure to honor his oath of office will be issues he will face, whether now or in the near future.   It is time to make the first step now.   It is up to us to give the Democrats a chance to help put this country back on the correct path to regaining the rule of law and the principles our founding fathers truely intended.

Without giving authority to those in the Democratic Party that will stand up to the criminal cabal in the White House, we must face yet two more tumultuous years of reason blowing like a feather in a huricane.

The legislative rubber stamp of 2000 to 2006 must be turned from a NeoCon Dream World of corruption and incompetence into a truely equal power of force for the majority of the people of these United States of America.

This new Congress will have two years to prove they will stand up for what is right and just.   It does not matter whether they be Democrats or Republicans or Independants.   The time for a change in now...   Vote...

Vote like the future of our country depends on it...

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