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» Thursday, January 12, 2006


Wierdness of Dementia!
June 21, 1999
My friend Cedwyn from DemBloggers and Action Alerts has tagged me.   I just read at Scoobie Davis where he got tagged, so I guess I should break down and just do it...   grin....   Did I mention that Scoobie blogrolled the FatCat...? lol...

As my sub-title indicates, I suffer from dementia.   It is an undiagnosable illness that they cannot figure out.   It has many of the classic symptoms of Alzheimers and Parkinsons but it is neither of the two.   Reading between the lines this means I am a medical guinea pig for their educated medical guessing.   So far they are batting a big fat zero unless you count getting me addicted some of the most powerful drugs know to medicine, which they have no qualms about changing from time to time in hope of making the right guess.

After finishing top of my class in electronics and making the highest score on the comprehensive electronics exam in the state of Arkansas in 1988 and then working as a consumer electronics tech for 15 years (the last 6 as a master technician), now I can't remember what day it is.

What the date is.   Whether I have taken my medication or not.   In one on one verbal conversations I sound like our glorious leader, not remembering what I was talking about, just having to stop in mid sentence and wait until I remember or someone tells me what I was talking about.   I have to write down everything.   And I mean everything.   I have a notebook for things to do.   A chart for the med I take throughout the day.   A huge text file in my html editor with links to add to my blog.   Files for usernames and passwords, scripts, misc html snippets and anything else that I need to remember.   I can't remember what I need to but I do know where to go find what I want thanks to the search function in my editor.

That is if the migraine headaches allow me to function long enough to format a post or add some links to my blog.   Otherwise I have to turn everything off, pull the drapes and turn off the lights for anywhere from an hour up to three or four hours before I can stand even the limited lighting in my room.

War Protest March - Washington D.C. Sept 24, 2005

If this is not wierd enough for ya, did I mention that I can't walk out in the open anymore.   I have to hug the walls or stay next to the house when going to the car that I can't drive anymore.   I can still acutally drive but I have scared the shit out of myself several of the last few times I got out by myself, so for my own safety and the safety of others I only go places with the wife driving now.

The Scooter Store brought me a power chair the other day and it is a marvel.   Did I mention that I fall down a lot.   Well not as much now.   If I just keep my ass in the power chair.   It was turning into such an ordeal just to get to the bathroom or the kitchen, worrying about the in between places where there were no chairs I could get to if I got dizzy and started to lose it.

All those years of being Mr billy bob bad ass who could walk on rice paper without leaving a trace and possessing the skills to hurt you to any degree I felt necessary with my bare hands, taking on multiple combatants and always coming away less damaged than my opponents.   Yes dear friends, the life of a demented old fool is certainly wierd, to say the least.   - fc
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Addendum :: I want to thank all my friends that stop by from time to time for the kind words.   I also want to thank Deb and the folks at political   I also want to apologize to you for dropping this on you in this manner.   As Deb and my friends from Election 04 bbs know, I am not seeking sympathy, only being honest with everyone.   I have fought hard, literally all my life and I don't intend to stop now.   With that said, somehow this post got linked to   From looking thru the comments there was but one of their 'regulars' that got it right when he thought it (this post) looked real enough to him.   For the rest of my short lived 15 seconds of fame, and especially the Cruel people (grin...) and even more so if there are some wingnuts in the bunch (bwhaaahaahaa), welcome to fc's little corner of the blogosphere.   I added the before and after pics just for effect.   There are more, less flattering pics on the D.C. Protest March Pics album at Flckr.   Are you doing anything to help minimize the damage to our country from the demented little cowboy in the White House...?   - fc
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