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» Sunday, November 05, 2006

E-Vote 2006

What Will Happen This Year...?Will there be no problems?   Wait...   There have already been problems with Early Voting in some places.   I am sure this will be an interesting elction...   No Doubt...
Updated :: Nov 7, 2006 - PM
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ars   technica Primary and early e-voting problems point to gathering storm
11/1/2006 5:42:14 PM, by Jon Stokes

Way to go, Ohio

With over one million voters on its rolls, Cuyahoga is one of Ohio's biggest and most important counties. On May 2, 2006, Cuyahoga residents used the Diebold AccuVote TSx, the same DRE model on which my most recent election article focused, to cast votes in a federal primary that was publicly marred by major problems with machine failure, long voter lines, and a host of other issues. Shortly after it became apparent that the May 2nd federal primary had encountered serious problems, the county Board of Elections commissioned two different investigations into what went wrong. The results of both of these investigations have just become public this week, and they paint a picture that's about as grim as one could possibly imagine.

Both reports found so many serious problems with procedures and technology that it's hard to know where to begin. So let's start with the short and no-so-sweet summary of the Election Science Institute (ESI) report's key finding:

Key Finding: After three months of exhaustive research, empirical evidence supports the key definitive finding: The machines' four sources of vote totals - VVPAT [voter-verified paper audit trail] individual ballots, VVPAT summary, election archive, and memory cards - did not agree with one another.

The current election system appears to provide some of its promised benefits at potentially great cost; namely, that the election system, in its entirety, exhibits shortcomings with extremely serious consequences, especially in the event of a close election.

techdirt Diebold Trying To Stop Documentary On E-Voting Problems

On Monday, we wrote about how it suddenly appeared that e-voting concerns were going mainstream, not even realizing that HBO was preparing to show a documentary called "Hacking Democracy." In that post, I linked to a Fortune article that is actually somewhat more encouraging about e-voting's number one target: Diebold. Beyond giving the history of the company, it suggested that the company more or less recognized that they had been both "stupid" and "naive" in getting into the e-voting business, without understanding anything about it. It also noted that almost all of the companies top execs have recently been replaced -- and even said that the company is considering getting out of the e-voting business altogether. All of these suggest that the company actually recognizes that they've screwed up big time. That's a big step forward, since every time a new problem comes up they react by brushing it off (often with outright lies), attacking their critics or simply cracking jokes about their security problems. And, by now, it should be clear that the security problems are very, very real.
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