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» Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Middle East On The Brink

What hath Bush Wraught...?The events unfolding in the Middle East are beginning to take on the aspects of anarchy enmass.   Bush's endless wars have taken a toll more dire than any of us have expected.   Those of us who spoke out against the War In Iraq beforehand could only see nothing good coming from it.   What we are seeing now is diametrically opposed to the proposed incompetent ideological reasons for it's waging.

Little attention has been paided to the immensely important fact that Iraq's western Anbar Province has been ceded to the Insurgency / Al-Queda.   Baghdad has been turned into a picture perfect haven of urban-guerilla warfare, jihad heaven.   From daily reports of death and destruction scattered from one end to the other, Iraq is out of control.   "The White House conceded that Iraq has moved into a dangerous new phase of warfare requiring changes in strategy".   - Yeah... Right...

With a government that is paper thin as the constitutional documents that created it, principle factions of it's democratically elected representatives are directly implicated in ethnic cleansing and death squads.   It's leadership have overtly saught relations with key players in the region that the initial objectives of Bush's Wars of Aggression were meant to destroy.
Sadr is so powerful that if provincial elections were held now, he would sweep most of the south and also take Baghdad :: WaPo link

The Islamic Republic of Iraq has turned to it's creator with defiance and bitterness as is reflected in the polls which show the Iraqi want us out of their country.   The American Public has cast it's vote of no-confidence in the inept and corrupt handling of the war.   The reality that Iraq is a lose / lose proposition has finally overcome the propoganda spewing forth from the spinmeisters of Washington D.C.

Bush has finally and reluctantly accepted the facts that he must let his father's team take control.   They and the new leadership and oversight of the new Democratic Majority in Congress are now burdened with salvaging the ruined folly of his mistakes.   Drastic measures are called for where none look promising.

Addressing the sectarian problem by engaging Iraq's neighbors, notably Iran and Syria, is an idea gaining favor within the 10-member, bipartisan Iraq Study Group, which is in the final phase of its eight-month search for a new policy. But the panel was still deeply divided over recommendations going into its meeting yesterday. :: WaPo link

There is nothing positive to be gained by our continued presence there.   It is time to get our people out of the crossfire.   That may be the best we can do within the reality of Bush's Nightmare...

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