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» Thursday, February 24, 2005

2004 Koufax Awards List

  2004 Koufax Awards  
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  Best Blog – Non-Sponsored Division  
Daily KOS 2002 and 2003 by Atrios’ Eschaton
Honorable Mention - 2004
Angry Bear Ignatz Decembrist
  Best Blog – Pro Division  
Talking Points Memo   by Josh Marshall 2002 Talking Points Memo
  Best Writing  
by Digby
2002 Body and Soul
by Jeanne D’Arc
2003 Wiskey Bar
by Billmon
  Best Post  
If America Were Iraq, What Would it be Like
by Juan Cole
Informed Comment
2002 - Al Gore and the Alpha Girls
by Jim Capozzola
Rittenhouse Review
2003 - What a Tangled Web We Weave
by Billmon
Whiskey Bar
Honorable Mention - Best Post - 2004
Just Go
by Riverbend
Baghdad Burning
  Exit Interview
by Tbogg
  Best Series - Co-Winners 

2004 - Co-Winner

The Rise of Pseudo-Fascism
by David Neiwert

2004 - Co-Winner

Cheers and Jeers
by Bill at Daily Kos Dairies
Bill in Portland Maine

2002 - Trent Lott
by Atrios
2003 - Rush, Newspeak and Facism
by David Neiwert
  Best Group Blog  
MyDD 2003 by Daily KOS
  Most Humerous Blog  
Jesus’ General
by J.C. Christian
2002 Fanatical Apathy 2003 TBogg
  Most Humerous Post  
Poker with Dick Cheney
by the Poorman
the Poorman
2002 - Parody of Peggy Noonan
by Jim Capozzola
2003 - Preznit, Giv me turkee
by Atrios
Honorable Mention - Most Humerous Post - 2004
Second Night
by Michael Bérubé
Michael Bérubé
  What Kerry Should Say, Part 2
by The Rude Pundit
The Rude Pundit
  Best Expert Blog  
Informed Comment
by Juan Cole
2003 by Informed Comment
by Juan Cole
  Best Single Issue Blog 

2004 - Co-Winner
Talk Left
by Jeralyn Merritt

2004 - Co-Winner
Grits for Breakfast
by Scott Henson
2002 - 2003
Talk Left
by Jeralyn Merritt
  Best New Blog  
Mouse Words
by Amanda Marcotte
Roger Ailes
by Roger Ailes
Kicking Ass
by DNC
Honorable Mention - 2004
James Walcott Michael Bérubé Brad Blog
  Most Deserving of Wider Recongition  
Suburban Guerrilla 2003
South Knox Bubba
Honorable Mention - 2004
Dohiyi Mir Majikthise
  Best Commenter  
Liberal Street Fighter
- Meteor Blades
- Digby
Seeing The Forest
- John Emerson - aka Zizka
Honorable Mention - 2004     Dohiyi Mir - NTodd
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