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» Friday, May 13, 2005

Christian Fundamentalist Terrorism

Isolated Incident or Trend?

It is debated that the incident in N.C. where the pastor required the congregation to pledge support for Bush, repent for voting Democratic or leave the church, is a sign of things to come or just a loose cannon.   The fundie wingnuts are terrorising their own neighbors in the name of the Dominionist agenda.   It is amazing that this is happening in this country.   As some have explained, the support of candidates from the pullpit (the church in general) has gone on forever, but to the extent of requiring them to sign a pledge to vote a certain way and then to actually expell members for non-compliance is a step too far.   What is new is the dominatrix ideals that the religious right have professed under their poster children - Bush, Frist, DeLay.   They are not happy just controling their own lives, they want to dominate the entire country with their pablum.   Force feeding does go well in this country as has been exposed by the schiavo ordeal, the social security witch hunt and the attempt to change the rules of the senate on the fly.   The wheels of the Rove pr machine became unbalanced thru these escapades, noticebly enough for the public to respond negatively on all these subjects.   Kinda like a log wagon going down the road with a retread coming apart.   Over 80% of this country now has pulled up beside this bushwagon and hollered out the window to them, warning of imminent disater.   Like the tried and true con men that they are, they just smirk and wave back, insisting that every thing is just fine, especially considering they have other scapegoats to blame (eg. Chan Chandler, the ex-pastor in N.C.).   They want to distance themselves from this terrorism, even tho they gladly take these fanatic's votes and then turn around and deny that they have fanned these flames of controversy in their quest for power.   Denial of accountability is the staple of the propoganda that has been coming from bush and rove.   Actually bush as the bobblehead front for the neocons has pretty well been established since his re-election, since he proves time and time again that he is not smart enough to come up with all this.   Got Wood?   He sure better hope that there is plenty of chainsawing left in Crawford, because nobody in their right mind would let him loose on their property with one.   If not for the recent fiasco on top of fiasco, he would still be mouthing how great things are in this country.   Actually they still are but fewer and fewer people are believing the rethoric now, which is a sign of hope.

The religious right fundamintalist terrorism that has surfaced recently cannot stand scrutinty in the light of day.   They have botched it and now are in the spin/damage control mode.   Their fear mongering and 'end of time' scenarios don't play well to the public when all is told.   Terrorism is a blight on humanity whether it comes from muslims, chritians or zionists.   Not an exclusive list but by far the most worrisome and the most powerful.   With the continued subsidisation of the these groups, there will never be an end to terrorism.   Bush's pandering to the Dominionists, support for anything Israeli and holding hands with the family Saud ensure there will be wars and rumors of wars until the true end of time.   Nothing like a good war to vulcanise a populace.   It looks like we have a more important war on terror right here in this country.   A war to regain the progressive roots that were grown nationwide in the last half a century, which bush and his neocons have tried to destroy.   They can not win.   We dare not let them.   Have you removed your bush-blinders yet?   Quite a few people have in the last few months and more are seeing daily that it is time to wake up and take action to stop the terrorism here at home, before we have no home to worry about.

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