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» Thursday, May 19, 2005

Iraq : The Untold Story

Their Catch 22

I think we have set them up just like we did Iran under the shaw. When he fell we left dozens of F-14 Tomcats in their hangers. We took the techs that kept them flying along with their support equipment and spare parts. They are still in their hangers, rusting to the ground.

What was the first thing we destroyed in the Shock and Awe...? Their communications system. We replaced their telephones with GE and other american company equipment. We only allow certain cellphones to work there. We redid all the Electric system (stil working on that one). We have got them exactly where we want them. We are building 12-14 airbases which the insurgency cannot get to.

Why did we send more troops over there? To protect the arab street? I think not. We are protecting the things we are working on and the oil infrastructure. It's simple... If they tell us to leave they go back to living in tents and riding camels.

I am sure you have heard of "back doors" in software. A means for a networked component to be accessed by the makers of the software without the user knowing. Microsoft went thru a flap where the pentagon/cia wanted them to build back doors into their products so the government could eavesdrop on people without them knowing it. I suspect everything we have done over there can be un-done in a heart beat.

There is little likelyhood that will happen if the puppets that are in the gov over there now stay in power. That is the 64 thousand dollar question. If it turns into a vietnam like exit, they have no idea what is coming down the pike to them. I posted on Election04 bbs an overview that a poster at digby wrote and our friend Juan Cole has even more info on the forces that are working to tear them apart as we speak. They are no longer a soverign nation. They are a puppet state completely dependant on our technology.

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