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» Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Nukular Deal

Win, Lose or Draw?
    I think it was a win for america.   For one thing it cemented the filibuster into the Senate.   By giving it legitamacy in their acceptance of the deal, it will be harder to be dismissed as un-constitutional.   Another point is emphesizing that it only be used in extraordinary circumstances, it may stand a chance of weathering a showdown when it is brought up again when the expected scotus position comes open in the future.   It can be argued that this case (scotus) is a more appropriate "extraordinary circumstance" thereby making a more stable presentation to preserve the filibuster.   I am not one to really assign much weight to the Win - Lose contest type frame.   As was pointed out by Olbermann tonight, one of his first thoughts last night was that a republican party with such a large majority to have conceded anything is a loss.   The flip side of that coin is that a democratic party with such a small minority to have gained any deal has to be looked at as a win situation.   My way of thinking says that working things out is much preferable to destrucion of rules meant to protect a minority.   To me the public is the winner.   This is only the end of the beginning and a reference point for the further unfolding story to be played out in the future.   The affect the deal has on the factions within the republican party is not to be dismissed either.   Although both parties are affected, the dobson constituancy that backs frist can only be disappointed.   How this plays out for the republicans will be very interesting.   Their further self destruction from within can only be viewed as a victory for all of us.  
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