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» Friday, May 06, 2005

Online Petitions - Activism

Updates and Additions

From Jill in Mass. comes news of a new MoveOn PAC petition that asks Frist and DeLay to condemn Pat Robertson's attack on the judiciary.   Thanks Jill.   I have added this new one and also the complete list from my links page (link takes you to my other website).   I include them all to 'frame' the situation regarding activism opposing Bush, his policies and his chosen ones.   This list should tell you that all is not well in Bush's Amerika and that many people are standing up to his egregious, pompous agenda to turn back the progressive clock that has been these United States of America for the last 200 + years.   What is just as bad as Bush's arrogance is the attitude of the religious wingnuts who seek to impose 'their way or the highway' upon the rest of our country.   The well oiled (pun intended) wheels of the neocon public relations wonder of the last 5 years has started to creak and moan a little at the end of Bush's first 100 days of his lame duck and last presidency.   We need to keep up the pressure, force him off the main road and out into the wilderness back trails that he and the neocons truely represent, thereby clogging the underpinnings of his ellaborate and what's now evidently a vulnerable framework.   The public has finally awoken to the out of time interference that was Schiavo and now has the Frist/DeLay front end noise to focus clearly on the misguided judgements of those in control of the neocon jugernaut.   We cannot afford to just sit back and hope they continue to have train wreck after train wreck.   We need to keep them off track and not relinquish the footholds that we have been afforded.   Just voting every four years and hoping for the best is not good enough any more.   It will take dedication and continued activism on our part to ensure that this country has representatives in Washington that have 'We the People' in the center of their headlights.   Participate!   Take Action!   Make a difference!

condemn Pat Robertson's claims about the judiciary • at MoveOn PAC
nominate someone besides bolton - Barbara Boxer save pbs from the neocons
counting the cost of war • activism by Women's Intl League for Peace and Freedom
restore environmental education • Petition at Campaign for Environmental Literacy
Preserve Checks and Balances • Petition at Interfaith
Preserve the Integrity of the U.S. Senate • Petition at Common Cause
Meaningful Election Reform • Petition at Common Cause   _ Save Our Elections   Video at Common Cause
Campaign for American Leadership in the Middle East   ! important !   ::   blog link
  _ link to the website by Josh Marshall at talking points memo • 04.14.05
stop fake news   •   ! Victory !   FCC rules to StopFakeNews - 04-14-05   blog link
  _   ::   Washington Post   ::    Continue the emails to FCC
  _ S.967: Truth in Broadcasting   ::   lautenberg   ::   kerry
save the filibuster • at stop bolton
John Kerry's Ad to Save the Filibuster
bankruptcy issue gun protection Dump DeLay
step down delay Fire Tom DeLay force delay out
libertarian quiz | test 2 stop fake news craddick in texas
save radio now no draft no way time-out on death penalty
bloggers rights petition iraq peace petition vets med costs climb
investigate u.s. torture stop 'usa next' resign hume
petition to save filibuster save the clean air act save social security
fire donald rumsfeld rumsfeld the war criminal payola to the press
democratic action dem senate agenda - Reid  
there is no crisis - online poll list freepress petitions
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