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» Sunday, June 19, 2005

British-American Coalition : DSM

That is what is needed...
    When Kevin Drum (Political Animal) wrote about the neocon slant that the DSM is fake, The All Spin Zone reacted with his perception that something needs to be done to counter.   A comment from PoP of 'Blonde Sense' to Richard Cranium suggests that a British/American Coalition to keep the DSM in the spotlight would be appropriate.   I agree.   I think that is exactly what is needed.   Keep the offensive and not be allowed to fall back into the reactionary mode that so many times has proven to be a loosing position.

The All Spin Zone   ::   link
The wingnutosphere's been relatively silent on the Downing Street Memo until today. And now, the corporate media's lack of tenacity in pursuing this story starts to make a bit more sense.

The Rovians have pulled out their only option - start screaming "FAAAAAAAAAAAAKE". After being burned on Rathergate and Newsweekgate, I supposed it's at least (grudgingly) understandable why much of the media has taken a "wait and see" attitude on the DSM. There's a reason that the Bushies have gone all out to neuter the press.

pissed off patricia wrote:

We need to team up with the people of England who are feeling the same way we are. Two countries can raise more hell together than either can alone.
Political Animal   ::   link
DOWNING STREET DELUSIONS....The wingnuts are getting desperate. Captain's Quarters, in a nostalgic attempt to recreate the glories of Rathergate, suggests that the Downing Street Memos aren't real. Why? Because Michael Smith, the reporter who got hold of them, had them retyped to protect his source and then returned the originals. Jonah Goldberg feverishly calls CQ's revelations a "must read."

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