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» Thursday, June 16, 2005

Conyers' Hearing : DSM

Wake Up Call... America...
DSM HearingAfter watching the hearing on C-Span3, I am convinced that there is hope for this country.   Mrs Sheehan of Gold Star Families for Peace, former ambassador Joseph Wilson, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern and John Bonifaz of all made excelant use of this opportunity made possible by Rep John Conyers Jr (D MI) to present to the american people their case that the memos demand investigations into the legality of Bush's pre-war actions.   Bush will be held accountable by this country and history will not look on his reign of terror very favorably...   The M$M has quite a ways to go to bring the current revelations of the build up for war in Iraq to the light of day, but there always has to be a starting point.   The Downing Street Memo, Conyers' Hearing and the republican re-election reality of 2006 are coming together as a focal point for action from Democrats and Republicans alike...   Finally the neocons will be put on the defensive and eventually defeated...   - fc

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