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» Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Daily Pulse: Corporatism and Theocracy

by dhonig at MyDD
    Upon reading the below introduction to the Daily Pulse, I realized the defining point to the whole idea is to understand corporatism in the context of Bush's Amerika.   When I plugged that word into wikipedia, the complexity of the frame that is Bush's ideology became quite evident to me.   Following key words that are referenced throughout the wiki, one finds a wealth of talking points that quickly turn the ideology of theocractic right wing control freaks that Bush panders to, into pure un-aldulterated corporate whoremongering on the part of the neocons, to the detriment of the majority of americans.

    Bush uses the wingnut fundies as a lightening rod/smoke screen for his true purposes of total corporate control and imperialistic militarism by means of which not only this country is maniputalted but the whole world would be placed into neocon domination.   The good news is... "The best laid plans of mice and men" the neocon agenda has ran into several pitfalls that they did not anticipate, thankfully.   Their restructuring of the middle east has met with no greater success than any other imperialistic attempt to control the region.   I have heard many times lately that "they do not learn from their mistakes" in reference to Bush, aka the neocons.   This eventually will be the cause of their downfall.   They were not happy until they got their hands on Saddam's oil and now that they have, they are finding that the oil is unusable due to the contamination of the blood of thousands that have died and the thousands more that are willing to die to make sure that it stays that way.

The lack of understanding by the neocons of "Know your enemy" has been one of my main points of dissent since becoming energized by Bush's Amerika.   9-11 instantly gave us an enemy that is easy to stereotype and even easier to manipulate the american people with.   As evidenced by the recently enacted anti-lynching bill, this country, as reflected by the less than 100% endorsement by the senate, is still capable of being racially motivated.   The bait and switch psy-op of the Rove-neocon propoganda machine turned the focus from the actual enemy to the easily hated face of Saddam Hussain.   With swollen breasts from Nationalistic pride, a great deal of this country did not think twice about falling in step with the neocon warmaongers, thereby, in their eyes, validating their methods and objectives.

As the smoke screen has slowly disipated and the new anti-war, anti-corrupt government movement has materialized through the utilization of the internet, people finally started to see.   The patriots, their families and the masses of the country that were conned into believing it would be a "War on the cheap" quickly started to pay attention as more and more of the coffins of dead american soldiers were, by the cover of night, slipped back under the radar for their final trip home.   The home that they were fighting for has turned into a dark, suspicious place.   Shrouded in secrecy, enabled through conspiracy and excused by the naive trust placed in the Bush Administration.

Like all conspiracies, the innate requirement of the many to secrecy, spells its own downfall due to the nature of good and righteous people to question purposes, analyze the agenda and realistically pursue the truth.   There is nothing more founded in human nature than for us to want to understand how the collective of humanity works.   When the good of the many are jepordized by the corruption of the few, it is only a matter of time before the masses rise up and retake control.   The lone human spirit that drives the process of evidentuary enlightenment, not only redeemes himself, but reconstitutes humanity back into a more civilized state.

    Thanks to the recent revelations of the Downing Street Memos, the lies are coming to the light of day.   The important questions have begun to be asked.   A process has begun that can not be stopped until the truth is known.   Finally having the right questions to ask will make the rest of our journey that much easier.   - fc
The Bush Administration is the most corporatist in our history. We fear theocracy, and it is a dangerous possibility, but the REAL power is corporatism, feeding Christ to the masses in exchange for unfettered profit. The tobacco roll-over is the most obvious example this week, though our "energy policy" and the sale of war to Halliburton go on every day.
Corporatism   ::
Historical meaning of the term

Historically, corporatism or corporativism (Italian corporativismo) is a political system in which legislative power is given to corporations that represent economic, industrial and professional groups. Unlike pluralism, in which many groups must compete for control of the state, in corporatism, certain unelected bodies take a critical role in the decision-making process. This original meaning was not connected with the specific notion of a business corporation, being a rather more general reference to any incorporated body. The word "corporatism" is derived from the Latin word for body, corpus.

Ostensibly, the entire society is to be run by decisions made by these corporate groups. It is a form of class collaboration put forward as an alternative to class conflict and was first proposed in Pope Leo XIII's 1891 encyclical Rerum Novarum, which influenced Catholic trade unions which were organised in the early twentieth century to counter the influence of trade unions founded on a socialist ideology. Theoretical underpinning came from the medieval traditions of guilds and craft-based economics.
Contemporary meaning of the term

Today, corporatism or neo-corporatism is used as a pejorative term in reference to perceived tendencies in politics for legislators and administrations to be influenced or dominated by the interests of business enterprises (limited liability corporations). The influence of other types of corporations, such as labor unions, is perceived to be relatively minor. In this view, government decisions are seen as being influenced strongly by which sorts of policies will lead to greater profits for favored companies. In this sense of the word, corporatism is also termed corporatocracy. If there is substantial military-corporate collaboration it is often called militarism or the military-industrial complex.

Corporatism is also used to describe a condition of corporate-dominated globalization. Points enumerated by users of the term in this sense include the prevalence of very large, multinational corporations that freely move operations around the world in response to corporate, rather than public, needs; the push by the corporate world to introduce legislation and treaties which would restrict the abilities of individual nations to restrict corporate activity; and similar measures to allow corporations to sue nations over "restrictive" policies, such as a nation's environmental regulations that would restrict corporate activities.

In the United States, some [1] claim that Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal programs were an unprecedented jump towards a corporate state. However, this ignores the long history of narrow economic interests controlling the decision-making process in America. In recent times, the profusion of lobby groups and the increase in campaign contributions has led to widespread controversy and the McCain Feingold act. American corporatism is evidenced in the close ties between members of the Bush Administration and many large corporations, such as Halliburton.
Theocracy   ::
Theocracy is a form of government in which a religion and the government are allied.

The word "theocracy" comes from the Greek theos which means "god," and kratein which means "to rule." Hence, theocracy literally means "rule by god."

In the most common usage of the term theocracy, in which some civil rulers are identical with some leaders of the dominant religion (e.g., the Byzantine emperor as head of the Church), governmental policies are either identical with or strongly influenced by the principles of a religion (often the majority religion), and typically, the government claims to rule on behalf of God or a higher power, as specified by the local religion. However, unlike other forms of government, a theocracy can be unique in that the administrative hierarchy of government is often identical with the administrative hierarchy of a religion. This distinguishes a theocracy from forms of governments which have a state religion or from traditional monarchies in which the head of state claims that his or her authority comes from God.

A more literal term for what is commonly meant by "theocracy" is "ecclesiocracy," which denotes the rule of a religious leader or body in the name of God, as opposed to the literal rule of God.

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