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» Sunday, June 05, 2005

Reform Ohio Now!

State-wide ballot initiative
    These measures are critical for the reform of the Ohio electoral process.   I will keep this post updated with any new information that is made available. - fc

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Reform Ohio Now: Putting Election Reform on the Ballot

[Promoted from the diaries with minor edits by DavidNYC. (Hat tip to Bob Brigham for spotting it.) While there is some debate as to whether right-wing ballot initiatives - such as anti-gay marriage amendments - actually helped right-wing candidates at the polls last fall, I nonetheless think that measures like this are a great idea. They sound terrific from a political stand-point, and I also think all the ideas contained below represent good public policy. My one suggestion would be to name it something like the "Ohio Clean & Fair Elections Initiative" - that way, you instantly force anyone who opposes it to say, in essence, that they don't support clean and fair elections.]

With all the talk of coin-gate, and illegal campaign contributions, and stolen elections I thought it would be a good idea to tell you about a campaign just ramping up in Ohio.

It's called RON, or Reform Ohio Now!

Its a ballot initiative, and the petitions have just arrived, ready for people to grab, hit the steets and get it on the 2005 ballot.

1) Campaign Finance Reform. In December 2004, the Ohio legislature increased the amount that large donors can give to politicians from $2,500 to $10,000 and weakened Ohio's century-old ban on corporate contributions. This initiative would lower contribution limits to $1,000 per election cycle for legislative candidates and $2,000 per cycle for statewide candidates, tighten the ban on corporate contributions, and prevent fat cats from skirting the limits by giving contributions through their children. (Read the text of this measure here.)

2) Independent Redistricting. Most elections in Ohio are not competitive because politicians conspire in drawing districts that are handpicked to ensure that either a Democrat or Republican wins in a landslide. This initiative would take the redistricting process out of the hands of partisan incumbents and put this responsibility into a non-partisan commission whose members could not be lobbyists, former politicians, or party leaders. (Read the text of this measure here.)

3) Election reform. Ohio elections are currently administered by the Secretary of State, who is elected in a partisan election. Previous Secretaries of State have Chaired the Campaigns of Presidential candidates and taken other actions that draw into question their impartiality in administering elections. This initiative would create a non-partisan elections board to adminster Ohio elections, ensuring that voters will have confidence in election outcomes. (Read the text of this measure here.)
This effort needs VOLUNTEERS to collect signatures. You can sign up to volunteer right here.

Licking County Pro-Active Citizens is a proud supporter of RON.

the rest of   Mission: To stand up for the rest of us against special interests by promoting fairness and accountability in a government where the majority rules.

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