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» Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Rove Conspiracy

Who Told Rove!
    A question in the post Blue Color Politics :: The All You Can Eat Scott McClellan Buffet! is of extreme importance in actually getting to the bottom of all this business.   As John Dean mentioned to Tweety on HardBall, the 'conspiracy to defraud the government' issue may be the reason the investigation has gone after the sources so steadily.   Even more interesting would be if the outing of an agent during war time would lead to charges of treason and the investigation is heading instead towards charges based on Conspiracy To Commit Treason, a much more serious crime and one still punishable by death, I believe...   - fc

Blue Color Politics

So, what if Karl really didn't "know" that Plame was undercover?

Well, in the CIA only someone with a need to know would have been aware that Plame even worked for the Agency. Hence, only a person who had high level clearance AND had a need to know about Plame's job could have leaked Plame's identity. Rove didn't just dream up Plame's status. Someone had to tell him. And THAT is the person Prosecutor Fitzgerald needs to go after. Rove should be forced to finger whomever it was that told him of Plame's real job.
That person needs to tell why she/he revealed Plame's job, what restrictions he told Rove he was under and whether others in the admin were also told about her undercover status.
Then the fun will begin!

Read the reast of the article... at   Blue Collar Politics

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