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» Saturday, August 27, 2005

Name Change

Blog has been renamed...
repug repubsI have decided to rename this blog for a couple of reasons.   "fc" has always stood for my nickname and old CB Radio handle: fatcat.   That nick has nothing to do with my financial status.   "fatcat politics" has everything to do with the current political environment we are faced with.   All politics have suffered from this frame in the modern political age.   The Republicans, under influence of the NeoCons and Geroge W. Bush have only exacerbated this condition by taking it to the neofacist level.   When first starting this blog I was suffering from the naive, thinking I would try to present all sides of the political spectrum.   That delusion has been shattered by the Bush/NeoCon nightmare that this country now faces.   Realistically I made the transition long before the elections of 2004 and by generically naming this blog in Decmeber of 2004 I did myself a disservice.   When the republicans take control of their party back from the NeoCons and the religious right terrorists (read Pat Robertson, et al...) this attitude may moderate.   I will not hold my breath or expect this to happen any time soon.   Reality dictates that the republicans must be represented in their true light.   Torture, Treason, Corruption and Lies... By their works you shall know... The Republicans 2000 - 2008.   Although not a religious person, I fell the new blog description reflects how the Bush Administration have hijacked the moral, ethics and religious tollerance that this country was founded on.   Bush has indeed made a place in history for himself.   He will however find that there will be few nice words to describe it.   As many of my friends at Poitical HardBall and Election04 are aware, I have been apolitical for most of my adult life.   There are bad apples in every barrel so I will not make excuses for the democrats that do not work for the benefit of the American People either.   Cindy Sheehan has brought back memories of my mother and father in that her quiet demeanor and plain spoken manner in presenting common sense views that a great majority of this country hold dear.   I thank her for that and I will do everything in my power to make sure that my friends, both personal and in cyberspace hear her message.   I stand committed.   "fatcat politics" will make sure of that.
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