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» Friday, October 21, 2005

Niger Uranium Forgery Mystery Solved?

Anti-War's Justin Raimondo
fatcat politicsI have harvested all the links in this comprehensive article by Justin Raimondo.   He is very thorough with documenting the timeline and relevant links to provide an amazing detailed account of how the story of the Niger Documents and TraitorGate has all unfolded.   My efforts here are to just add descriptive titles to the links so they stand alone.   This article is a must read.   - fc

Anti-War.comNiger Uranium Forgery Mystery Solved?
by Justin Raimondo

These are the links in Justin Raimondo's Article.   These links are presented as reference only.   - fc

Google Search :: Rove & Libby
I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby :: rightweb
Karl Rove ::
leak ::
infamous 16 words
White House News Release :: 16 words
enormous fraud
War Party's propaganda campaign
Niger :: photo of country
Niger :: Economy - Uranium
French consortium :: Uranium
Wilson sent to Niger by CIA
Wilson went public
IAEA brutally and publicly debunk Niger claim
Italian journalist Burba story about docs
Panorama :: Magazine Burba writes for
Niger documents :: Cryptome
yellowcake acquisition :: Slate
yellowcake talking points for Iraq War
IAEA put off for proof of docs validity
docs were forgeries :: Wikipedia
forgeries particularly crude :: MSNBC
Official admits :: We fell for it.
Investigation launched :: Washington Times
Novak's column ::
following the trail of the forgers
Fitzgerald finally gets copy of Italian Report
Alan Wolf :: CIA's European Div
Clarridge :: CIA Rome Div
Wolf - Clarridge - Ledeen & Chalabi
Ledeen :: Iran-Contra scandal
Ledeen set up meetings with Iranians
Manucher Ghorbanifar :: Wikipedia
Ledeen :: National Review
Ledeen :: NeoCon Fascism
Machiavelli's amoralism
Ledeen :: radical neoconservative ideologue
Ledeen :: Carthage must be destroyed
Ledeen :: Creative Destruction
Ledeen :: Faster, please! :: Google Search
Ledeen met in Rome with Ghorbanifar - 2001
Pentagon's Larry Franklin :: Rome meeting 2001
Office of Net Assessment's Harold Rhode - 2001 meeting
Office of Net Assessment :: Pentagon think tank :: Wikipedia
Another Ghorbanifar Meeting in Rome ::
SISMI :: Italian Military Intel and Sec Service :: Wikipedia
SISMI Chief :: Nicolo Pollari
Antonio Martino :: Italian Official :: NeoCon favorite
Franklin spying for Israel :: WaPo
Franklin Indictment
Franklin leaked classified info to AIPAC::
AIPAC Official :: Steve Rosen
AIPAC Official :: Keith Weissman
Franklin just trying to get AIPAC's assistance in moving a more pro-Israel agenda
Rhode :: NeoCon ideologue
Franklin & Rhode helped set up DOD's OSP
Office of Special Plans :: Google Search
OSP stove-piped info :: New Yorker
false intelligence :: Judy Miller
Ahmed Chalabi :: American Prospect
Iraqi National Congress :: Chalabi & Iran
Rhode & Franklin & Chalabi :: Richard Sale
Fitzgerald & Paul McNulty (AIPAC) are the same investigation
Fitzgerald & Cheney's other leaks
Others implicate Ledeen
Former CIA Official Vince Cannistraro
Former CIA Official Larry Johnson
Johnson points to SISME's involvement
Clarridge :: first head of the Counterterrorism Center :: Google Search
Bill Casey's Counterterrorism Center :: Wikipedia
Casey, Clarridge - Ledeen :: Sourcewatch
Clarridge pardoned in Iran-Contra by G H W Bush
Clarridge book :: A Spy for All Seasons
Clarridge purportedly the author of "Psychological Operations in Guerilla Warfare
Clarridge purported wrote how-to for the Contras
Contras directed violence at noncombatants
Clarridge's idea of mining Nicaragua's harbors
World Court condemns Mining of harvors
Clarridge nixed for NSC
Clarridge free lancing in Iraq
Clarridge investigates sale of Weapons to Saddam
Clarridge went to work for Dax Resources
Dax Resources special ops, technical countermeasures
Bush officials push case against Saddam
President Bush Outlines Iraqi Threat
Cheney's bogus nuclear weapon
Aluminum Tube Story Debunked
Seymour Hersh points out Tenet's Lies
CIA didn't see actual docs president's 2003 speech
Fitzgerald Never Rests :: WaPo
How Ahmed Chalabi conned the neocons :: Salon
Chalabi :: Heroes in error
Chalabi gives Iran U.S. secrets?
Valerie Plame :: Wikipedia
Iraqi National Congress :: Google Search
The spies who pushed for war
Inquiry into Tehran's role in starting conflict
Selective Intelligence :: Seymour Hersh
Neoconservatives Conquered Washington
The Pentagon Muzzles the CIA
Pentagon Office Home to Neo-Con Network

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