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» Sunday, October 09, 2005

Week in Review

What a week !
fatcat politicsWith all that's been going on this week I thought it would be appropriate to highlight what has come down the pike.   Many may not know about MyDD other than it is the blogroot-mentor of Markos and other high profile bloggers.   MyDD has taken the initiate to cover elections, present and future and feature how it is in out power to help remove the Republicans from power in Congress.   I had decided the theme for this post before I dialed in to MyDD to check out some of the races, especially the one developing with Paul Hacket in Ohio.   Seems like Chris had the same idea of a week in review also.   I will list the things he has documented and a few more in an effort to show just how much the Republicans are coming unwound.   I just love the smell of grand jury indictments in the mornin'   - fc

Oct 1 --- Oct 9. 2008 in the "Culture of Corruption"
Bush withdraws nomination of Timothy Flanagan for Deputy Attorney General.
Anti-Torture Bill passes with a veto-proof 90-9 majority
Hurricane relief contracts to be re-bid.
Bush abandons Soc Sec reform and further tax cuts during this Congress.
Tom DeLay was indicted - again
It looks very likely that Karl Rove will be indicted
The continuing conservative anger over the Miers nomination.
Republican bloggers are frustrated at their exclusion from the party.
Bush continues to keep the true face of conservatism in the closet.
Polls have come out showing Bush's approval declining and in the 30's.
A post-New Deal governing coalition for Democrats
A southern shift to Republicans briefly gave them control in 1994.
A possible biological warfare weapon detected at the War Protest Sept 24th-25th.
Conyers calls Bush's Bluff on 10 aborted terrorist attacks
Nobel Peace Prize a Rebuke for Bush
Groups Call for Prosecution of White House Propaganda Crimes
EPA to Outsource it's Enforcement Staff
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