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» Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Congress: Admit You Regret Voting for Iraq War

Admit it :: I was wrong!
fatcat politicsThere were many of us who never have supported Bush and never supported the unjust and illegal war in Iraq.   Now it is time for those who did to admit they were wrong.   Admit they were lied to.   Admit it was the biggest mistake of the 21st Century.   Take responsibility for their actions and make the effort to hold Bush accountable.   Just a few months ago this would not have been possible.   Now it is.   It is not necessary to repeat the list of dirty laundry but with the incompetent of handling Katrina the tide turned.   Literally.   Now it is time to make sure our Lawmakers continue the initiative and press forward.   Join me in sending this message to them.   - fc

Congress: Admit You Regret Voting for Iraq War

Join Thousands In Demand To Senators And Representatives Who Voted For War
"Knowing what we know now, I regret voting to give
President Bush a blank check to invade Iraq."
"I was wrong." These words can be the most difficult for a politician to say. Why haven't our elected representatives joined the American people, who now say in poll after poll that it was a mistake to invade Iraq? They have an Iraq complex.

Former House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt, who stunned many when he preemptively supported Mr. Bush's call for a blank check, this past weekend reportedly admitted that he was wrong and that he was mistaken in voting for war.

Our elected leaders cannot address the blunt truths about the disastrous occupation of Iraq until they speak out publicly, admit they were fed falsehoods, and say they regret giving Mr. Bush the power to invade. They do not even have to apologize -- we all now know much more about the campaign of deception that led us to this tragic moment.

It's up to us to give them the chance to put this vote behind them, move forward and begin to lead again. Sign the petition below and we'll send a copy to every member of the Senate and House (even those who are no longer in office) who voted for war. All petition signers will be notified by e-mail when public apologies are issued.

Now is the time for others -- both Republicans and Democrats -- who were misled into voting for our disastrous policy to step forward so that we as a nation can change course.
Members of Congress:

We, the undersigned ask: knowing what you know now, would you have cast a different vote when President Bush asked you for a blank check for war? Would you have voted differently if you knew that:

1. there were no weapons of mass destruction;
2. that the White House ignored the Pentagon's estimates about the number of troops needed;
3. that the White House fired its chief economist for warning that a war could cost over $100 billion;
4. many of the claims of weapons of mass destruction came from a convicted bank felon with close ties to the Iranian theocracy?


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