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» Sunday, November 06, 2005

Support McCain Amendment

Tell Bush No to Torture!
fatcat politicsFriends Committee on National Legislation has launched an effort to tell your House Representatives to support Senator John McCain's Amentment prohibiting torture of any detainee's in American custody.   McCain has stated he will add his amendment to every piece of legislation produced by the Senate until it becomes law.   This is an effort we all must support whether Democrat, Republican or Independant.   - fc

Torture: Your Messages Are Working, Keep It Up - FCNL

This week has brought dramatic developments in the public demand for Congress to outlaw U.S. use of torture. Your letters and phone calls have had a powerful impact, contributing to a wave of shock and disgust over the administration’s torture policy and practice. Your messages are reaching Washington, with profound impact.

The administration is responding with backroom efforts to debilitate the McCain anti-torture amendment to the 2006 defense appropriations bill (HR 2863), to add exceptions to the amendment that would allow the president to authorize torture, or worse, that would exempt the CIA from the legal prohibition against torture. FCNL expects a vote very soon in the House on whether to retain the McCain amendment without modification.

Action: Tell your representative that he or she must do everything possible to retain the Senate's bi-partisan "McCain amendment" as part of the military appropriations bill. Tell them that the amendment must not be modified to allow for exceptions - no exception for "presidential waiver," no exception for the geographic location of the detainee, and no exception for the CIA.

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