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» Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Unified Field Theory of the Fraud?

Dems Press for Iraq Investigation!
fatcat politicsJuan Cole of Informed Comment, the go to expert on Iraq and the highly respected voice of reason for many of us in the reality based community has a powerful explanation of why Harry Reid's procedural lock down of the Senate yesterday is so important.   By forcing the Senate to face the reality that the investigation of pre-war intelligence must be dealt with, the tying together of several aspects of pre-war foundations is finally closer to a Unified Field Theory of the Fraud that led to the Bush Administration's War in Iraq.   Professor Cole ties it all together into a consise manner.   Finally we may be one step closer to the Truth.   - fc

Dems Press for Iraq Investigation
Toward A Unified Field Theory of the Fraud?

Senator Harry Reid, backed by Senators Charles Schumer and Debbie Stabenow, invoked an arcane rule of the senate allowing it to be closed on Tuesday. Reid and the Democrats were protesting the inaction of the Senate Intelligence Committee, headed by Pat Roberts (R-Kan), which has been investigating failures of prewar intelligence on Iraq but has never issued its formal report on Phase II. A compromise was worked out whereby a bipartisan panel will do up a report within two weeks. Roberts insists that his own committee is making progress and dismisses the new panel as irrelevant.

The Democrats are trying to force the issue in the wake of the indictment of Vice President Cheney's chief of staff, Irving Lewis Libby, on perjury charges. Libby was among those who hyped Iraq WMD reports, and he had attempted to foist a lot of shaky information on Colin Powell, for whom he wrote the speech to be delivered at the United Nations justifying the war in winter 2003. (Even with a lot of the crazier charges taken out, the speech Powell gave was greeted with open derision at the UN).


A proper Senate investigation offers the tantalizing possibility of a Unified Field Theory of the Iraq War fraud. That is, Feith's Office of Special Plans, Franklin's Pentagon espionage cell (AIPAC) on behalf of the Likud Party in Israel, and Libby's campaign against Ambassador Joseph Wilson and his wife Valerie Plame Wilson could all be shown to be inter-related. At the center of the conspiracy were a group of hawks determined to set the United States in motion to fight wars against Iraq, Syria and Iran; for the Neoconservatives among them, these wars would leave the Likud Party free to pursue its expansionist ambitions.

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