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» Saturday, November 12, 2005

White Hat Terrorism

Selling The NeoCon Dream!
fatcat politicsYesterday Bush pulled a bait and switch trying to convince the base that Anti-War Activist do not have the right to know the truth.   The White House has been clouded with the aura of White Phosphorus, burning to the bone the lies that led us into an illegal and unjust war.   Bush faced yet again another "Worst Week in the History of the Bush Administration" (how many of these have there been in the last few weeks...?).

Lies and rhetoric, smoke and mirrors trying to cover old lies with new ones.   The king has no clothes from taking the heat of torture, treason, corruption, lies and incompetence.   As one of my wingnut commentors so aptly proves, only the base, the lowest common denominator, will fall for the spin and twisting of the truth that is George W. Bush and his "Culture of Corruption".   "White Hat Terrorism" is no better than the twisted logic of suicide bombers.

A con man has lost his rabbits foot when his dupes no longer believe he is telling them the truth, as recent polls indicate some of his base even see the truth now...   Bush Lies and People Die...   So stands the ever campaigning mouthpiece of the NeoCon Dream trying to sell their Snake Oil once again to the masses.   It remains to be seen if the sheeple will once again be led like lemmings over the cliff with them.

There is a steady erosion of support, even Republican support, manifesting itself with die hard wingnuts like Santorum admitting mistakes were made and distancing himself from Bush.   Others like Hagel calling for an investigation into the intelligence that falsely led us to war.   Other Republicans telling Bush No Thanks to his offer of campaigning help.   John McCain making it plain and simple that torture is not acceptable and pledging not to cave in on his stance.

Harry Reid standing up for justice by forcing the Senate Committee on Intelligence to continue to seek the truth.   Democrats like Kerry and Edwards admitting they made a mistake in supporting the move to go to war.   Howard Dean speaking out along with steadfast Democrats like Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden.

Criminal Indictments against a high ranking White House Official may have finally turned the corner of reality and opened the door so the masses can see that Honor and Dignity have not been returned.   The Truth can always stand the light of day and the sooner the visage of what the Bush Administration really stands for can actually be seen by everyone, we will finally return this country to the path of progressive realism that made it so great.   - fc
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