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» Thursday, December 29, 2005

NeoCon :: Redux

The Definition!
  - fc
A pale surrealistic glow accents the detail of cold black lines, delineating the black hearted egotism and absolute power sought with no respect or remorse for those that stand in their way. The pervasive dynamic of attack mode divisiveness permeates the spirits of the NeoCon. Battles not fought head on but with character assassination of the opponent with little more than hypocritical lip service to issues. Hidden agenda's that are as cold, imperial and deceitful as their name projects. Lies and deception disbursed on the winds of politically loaded keywords are framed in ways to keep the naive and gullable, captured and enthralled in false pretense, ignorant of the true intentions and dire consequences of their surrender of power to the forces of the 21st Century's American Axis of Evil. The cold black elephant is symbolic of the republican sacrifice that was made to the rise of the NeoCon. Within a few short years we have found ourselves an ignorant, arrogant child of history, repeating mistakes made in the past, with subsequently as great or greater loss of integrity, and yet again the ultimate sacrifice of the blood of valiant American warriors fighting a faceless enemy in yet another contrived war based on lies. The prostitution of morals and ethics for nationalistic knee-jerk reactionaries has promulgated through the rank and file apologists and excusers. The vilified hate for those who see the damage being done will yet again be the undoing of their agenda. As the American public awakens to facts concerning this corrupt administration which has never before been equaled in our nations's history, the agenda has been derailed. As the blinders come off, their propaganda will carry less and less weight while their transparency will intensify. As the smoke and mirrors fade, the true path will once again be forged by those of us who are willing to stand up and let them know that we will not tolerate their excuses or the actions of those they have enabled. History will repeat itself, much to the chagrin of the NeoCons.
Originally posted on 7-28-05

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