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» Saturday, December 03, 2005

Political BlogRoll

Ankthis is another attemp to reduce page size and still have this resource at hand.   Although I represent this post with a male symbol, there are many of these sites that have women contributors.   This is the primary attempt at these listings and will be added to and updated quite a bit, especially since they do not take up space in my template.   If you would like to add to this list, just leave a comment or a message in the CBox.   - fc

Political Blogosphere

bop   •   bartcop   •   tom tomorrow
tpm   •    tpm cafe   •   daily KOS
digby  •  booman  •  american st
tapped  •  gilliard    •    juan cole
catch   •     the   sideshow
mydd  •  jesus' general  •  billmon
atrios  •  rude pundit  •  americablog
fafblog   •   all   spin   zone
bagnewsnotes  •  common dreams
news unfiltered •  air america radio
can  of  fun   •   the   next   hurrah
bring it on   •   attytood •  blogorific
corrente   •   gadflyer   •    agonist
ignatz  •  orcinus  •  heretic •  peek
wtf   •   donkey rising •  oliver willis
l g f  •  red state •  powerline
sirota  •   palast   •   kevin   drum
gross   •   bradblog   •   ezra   klein
tbogg    •   liberal street fighter
maher   •   stewart   •   musings
skippy   •   delong •  liberal avenger
berube   •   poor man   •   bear left!
the  hill   •   the note  •  fair  •  grist
agonist   •   davis   •   ruminate this
ed cone   •   left  in the west
wolcott   •   newsfare  •  angry bear
lean left   •   world o'crap •  gotv
hamster   •   needlenose
yglesias   •   carpet bagger
alterman   •   norwegianity
limbaugh •   the left coaster
first draft   •   balkinization
mathews   •   olbermann  •  corn
wampum   •   take back the media
hoffmania   •   the talent show
chris floyd   •   amygdalagf
archpundit   •   onegoodmove
max speak   •   seeing the forest
cadenhead    •   romenesko
decembrist    •   hammer of truth
republic of t    •   nathan newman
rittenhouse  •   latino  pundit
blue oregon   •   on the left tip
obsidian wings   •   cosmic iguana
perrspectives   •   my left wing
wayne  madsen    •   low and  left
opinionated voice   •   bob   harris
rising hegemon   •   dahr  jamail
messopotamian •   today in iraq
bulldog   manefesto
martian   anthropologist
engadget   •     gizmodo
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To be added to this list please leave a message in the CBox Message Box in the sidebar.   Red link denotes Conservative Sites.   - fc
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