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» Thursday, January 26, 2006

Clean Up Congress Now

Public Financing of Elections!
Election Reform should be a top priority for all Americans.   Corruption and Influence peddling, from both sides of the isle has led this country into the Incompetent Administration in the White House today and insure more of the same to come for future generations.   This and other reform issues should be addressed now.   The sooner the better...   Don't you think it is about time...   - fc

Big Money from wealthy special interests is at the center of Washington's scandals. Tell Congress real reform requires Clean Elections-style public financing of elections.

Even as the DeLay-Abramoff scandals spread, most politicians will do as little "reform" as they can get away with. Choosing a new majority leader or tinkering around the edges won't stop the auctioning of elections, or public policies, to the highest bidder. It's easy for Members of Congress to give up their free lunches from lobbyists; but real reform means ending their dependence on big money contributors.

Congress needs an overhaul, not face-saving measures, and that must include public financing of elections. Americans want reform that takes power away from the wealthy speical interests and gives it back to the people. Sign Today!

I support a comprehensive reform platform that puts citizens in the driver's seat.

Ethics and lobbying reform are important first steps. But the only way to really fix Washington is to sever the connection between politicians and the wealthy special interests and lobbyists who fund their campaigns by enacting public financing of elections.

Reps. John Tierney (D-MA) and Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) have filed H.R. 3099, the Clean Money, Clean Elections Act, which has 31 cosponsors so far. It goes farther than any reform proposal currently on the table in Washington.

Senators must file companion legislation immediately.

It's time to restore the power of citizens to elect representatives not bought for and paid for by special interest lobbyists and big money donors.

Signed by:

H.R. 3099 Text and Co-Sponsors List
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