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» Sunday, January 15, 2006

No War On Terror

War Of Terror!
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There is a NO War on Terror...   Bush is conducting a War of Terror...   A war for oil that has gone terribly wrong and his only reaction is to keep following the same failed policies.   Shooting themselves in the foot while killing innocent civilians and making even more enemies than we had before 9-11.

Bushji is desperate now for some kind of grandiose accomplishment to parade around on Faux News with.   He had only one real option.   Pakistan.   He knows America will not tollerate an escalation in the form of attacking Syria or Iran.   The real terrorists have always been in Pakistan after he stirred up the ants nest in Afghanistan in 2001.

He has nothing to lose except maybe bribing Mussaref with a few more F-16's.   Tribal Pakistan has no alternative but to scream bloody murder and Bush and his propped up dictator are no more inclined to do anything more than they have up to this point.   Tell them :: Tough Shit... Sit Down and Shut Up...   We need you pissed at us so you will hide the terrorists that we don't want to capture and they will have a safe place to hide...

Bush thought by keeping the terrorists cut off from Iraq that he would have a cake walk by not having to deal with real terrorists.   Little did he realise that Saddam's guerilla warfare strategy (aided by our disbanding the Iraqi Army) would be so deadly (aided by Bush Incompetence of not protecting known weapon stockpiles and WMD) and such an unwinnable albatros.

His NeoCon Dreams of conquest of the Middle East are blowing in the winds of the maelstrom that is his War of Terror...

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