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» Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bush/Republicans win again!

What really did they Win? Political Hardball's Anna posted this and I thought it worth sharing.   Thanks go to her for allowing me to post it here...   - fc

"Bush/Republicans win again!"

by's :: Anna

A common refrain we keep hearing lately is "WE WON! WE WON! WE BEAT THE DEMOCRATS! GO BUSH!" I was thinking about exactly what it is that WE lost and THEY won.

Liberals opposed the war with Iraq. To date, it's cost us $300 billion, put us in historical deficits, bogged us down in a quagmire fighting an insurgency that's killing our troops daily, it's cost us almost 2300 U.S. soldiers, maimed some 30,000 more, some 17,000 have come home with PTSD, the Iraqis have elected an Islamic government, and Iran is standing by to be their "friend and ally", we're on the verge of a war with Iran and don't have the military to wage another war (or the money or equipment) most of the world despises us, new terrorist groups are springing up every day and threatening to kill us as a result of invading Iraq and the number of terrorists in the world has increased a hundredfold - but THEY WON! GO BUSH!

Liberals opposed the new Medicare bill. It was voted down by Dems and Repubs alike in the middle of the night but Repubs held the vote open for 3 hours until they were able to threaten enough people into changing their vote to "pass it". Then we find out that the WH had lied to the Congress - Republicans included - about the true cost of it, it's spiraled out of control until it's likely to go bankrupt (the real purpose in the first place, IMO), the only people who have benefitted from it so far are the pharmaceutical companies, HMOs, and insurance companies who are raking in BILLIONS in freebies, while the people it's supposed to benefit are going to end up paying more - but THEY WON! GO BUSH!

Liberals opposed a Supreme Court nominee whose career has clearly shown that he is a rabid Conservative ideologue, developed the signing statement that Bush uses to exempt himself from all the laws Congress passes (123 times now), who doesn't support women's rights, civil rights, disabled people's rights and who has ruled 84% of the time in favor of big business and the government AGAINST individual rights, and who believes in the unitary executive being above the law and not accountable to the people who elected him - but THEY WON! GO BUSH!

There are countless examples I could talk about, but it really makes me wonder - do any of them ever stop to think about what they've "WON"? Or is "WE BEAT THE DEMS!" all that matters? How low will this country have to go, how many people will have to be living in poverty - unable to support their families or send them to school, how isolated from and hated by the world will we have to get before any of them begin to question exactly what it is they "WON"?

And in the case of Alito, they're cheering "BUSH WON! BUSH WON! GO BUSH!" in spite of the fact that Alito was NOT HIS CHOICE. He wanted Harriet Myers but the people pulling Bush's strings slapped her down and put their own nominee in place - as I said, after reminding Bush "who put him there". So this isn't a "GO BUSH" victory - it's a Religious Right/Fundamentalist/Conservative Ideologue victory, and they don't even realize THAT - and most pitiful of all, they haven't stopped for one minute to think how it's going to affect this country and their daily lives.

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