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» Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bush: Proven Liar

Was There a Doubt? Yet another leak.   Somebody up there must not like Bush.   That is besides the 60% + Americans in the latest polls.   Even Garrison Keillor thinks Bush should be impeached because of the torture debacle.

It was no big leap of faith for me way back in 2000.   There were pages on the internets documenting all the lies he had told.   Now it would take a huge dedicated database to document all the falsehoods that have come dribbling out of the little cowboy's mouth.   Once you get past the smirks and the head bobbing and weaving and the mangled english, there is truely not much there but an empty suit.

Some say it was the 'fog of war' that distracted him.   In reality it was Cindy Sheehan that had his panties in a wad.   He was running away from Crawford TX and Cindy, trying to show the country he was not affected by the outpouring of sympathy for her and the budding anti-war sentiment that she had fostered.   Cowardice is not a new meme for Bushji, then or now.   When he does not want to hear something, he manages that job pretty well...   - fc
Tape: Bush, Chertoff Warned Before Katrina - AP

In dramatic and sometimes agonizing terms, federal disaster officials warned President Bush and his homeland security chief before Hurricane Katrina struck that the storm could breach levees, put lives at risk in New Orleans' Superdome and overwhelm rescuers, according to confidential video footage.

Video Shows Bush Being Warned on Katrina - WaPo
Officials Detailed a Dire Threat to New Orleans

"I want to assure the folks at the state level that we are fully prepared to not only help you during the storm, but we will move in whatever resources and assets we have at our disposal after the storm," Bush said.

Who Knew What? - Newsweek
The discovery of a missing Katrina transcript provides new details about President Bush's involvement in tracking the hurricane

Later in the conference call, according to the transcript, Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco is asked by Joe Hagin, the deputy White House chief of staff, about the status of the New Orleans levees. Blanco replies: "We keep getting reports in some places that maybe water is coming over the levees - I think we have not breached the levee. We have not breached the levee at this point in time. That could change, but in some places we have floodwaters coming in New Orleans East and ... St. Bernard Parish where we have waters that are eight to 10 feet deep, and we have people swimming in there. That's got a considerable amount of water itself."
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