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» Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bush's Bluff

At an End! After 3 years of war and 6 years of the little cowboy's reign of terror, let's take a look at where we are at.   Terror, Torture, Lies, Corruption and Incompetence pretty well covers it.

The immediate aftermath of 9-11 was a gray area for most of us.   A few days anyway.   The passage of the Patriot Act was an early warning alarm that should have rang loud and clear with the majority of people, but it didn't.   Only us lefties were alarmed.   Now people have awakened to what the little cowboy has gotten us into.

Bush has run his bluff until people are now calling him on it.   His credibility (and ours in the world) has been so undermined that other nations are now standing up to him with impunity.

Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E. converting some of their petrodollars into petroeuros is just one small warning shot across the bow.   One would assume that PortGate had something to do with it but two members of OPEC choosing to convert to the euro is bound to have been something in the works for a while.   The timing may have been infuenced but not the decision.   The amount (10%) may seem small but when you are talking billions, it is no small matter.

Russia brokering a deal to build nuclear reactors for China is another example.   Our sale of Westinghouse to Toshiba pounded a nail in the coffin for Westinghouse to get in on the Chinese move to nuclear power production.   China professed disdain at allowing Japan (Toshiba) to control any part of their infrastructure.

Of even more concern than these points is the situation in Iraq.   We have bitten of more than we can chew.   Bush's bluff has strengthened the terrorists and helped them prove to the world that even a superpower can not win a guerilla war.   As if this hasn't been proven in the past by way of Vietnam and Russo-Afghan wars.

Bush's ineptness in following thru in his illegal and failed NeoCon Dream of Conquest of the Middle East has cost us much.   This quote from Digby sums up where we are at...
The mantra on the right remains that everything changed after 9/11. (Dick Cheney said it again today.) Let's assume that's correct. If so, then undertaking this war was a recklessly dangerous experiment in psychological warfare that failed and left this country much weaker than it was before 9/11. All this money spent, all this fighting, all this messianic freedom rhetoric has actually made this country weaker than it has been at any time since the end of WWII. We have proven that we are a befuddled, undisciplined giant that allowed a radical political faction with half-baked delusions of grandeur to hijack the country. Either we make a precipitous course correction pretty soon, or the rest of the world will start banding together to get us under control.
I think they are already well on their way...   - fc

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