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» Sunday, March 26, 2006

Careful for What You Wish

It's a Democracy, Stupid ! I have heard it all the time: The NeoCons want to spread Democracy throughout the Middle East.   It seems that Bush ran out of other excuses for his illegal war of terror for oil in Iraq and had to fall back on installing Democracy.   Well, they are getting exactly what they wished for.   With a twist.   That twist is called Islamic Law.

An outrage according to the wingnuts is playing right now on a TV near you.   A Christian converted from Islam is in danger of loosing his life in Afghanistan according to their sharia law.   Their base is very easy to rally and their holy ones are just as convinced that they are right, regardless of human rights issues.

Bush just loves to preach at these fake town hall meetings, thereby energising his base.   Right now they are preaching back.   Condi and Karzai are jumping thru hoops trying to save this Christian even tho the law says he must die.   Somehow the Afghan Constitution is just another piece of paper (as Ours is) when Bush decides he is above Our law or when the Afghans throw a Christian to the Lions!

The little cowboy and the wingnuts should be more careful about what they wish for.   They may get slapped in the face with the reality of injecting our values where they have never been accepted before.   When you think about it tho, they do not accept that the war for oil has failed and will be just as hard headed about Islam trumping Democracy.

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