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» Sunday, April 09, 2006

Be Afraid - Be Very Afraid

Top Ten Reasons... We should all be afraid of what the little cowboy in the white house might do concerning Iran.   Of course this is nothing actually new to those of us in the reality based community.   Most of us have realised he is a madman for quite a while now.   The only thing that has changed is that the rest of the country is slowly waking up to the fact that he is a danger to us as well as the rest of the world.   Should doing something about Iran be an important priority?   Yes but see reason #1 and #2 why starting a war with them should NOT be an option.   - fc
Top Ten Reasons Why Sy Hersh's New Article Should Scare the Stuffing Out of You

10. Iran's President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is a whackjob who is determine to enrich uranium.

9. Our President, George W. Bush, has a messiah complex and is convinced that "saving Iran is going to be his legacy."

8. The Pentagon is already engaging in clandestine activities, called "force protection," that can be classified as military, not intelligence, operations; e.g., preparing a battlefield. Such activities are not subject to congressional oversight.

7. U.S. military planners believe that bombing Iran will cause Iranians to rise up and overthrow the mullahs who rule them. Most Middle East experts think this notion is right up there with Cheney's "Iraqis will greet us with flowers" delusion.

6. A senior Pentagon adviser on the war on terror said: "This White House believes that the only way to solve the problem is to change the power structure in Iran, and that means war."

5. The White House has been talking to members of Congress about Iran. However, the only ones they're talking to are the same bunch who led the charge against Iraq.

4. "The lack of reliable intelligence leaves military planners, given the goal of totally destroying the sites, little choice but to consider the use of tactical nuclear weapons. 'Every other option, in the view of the nuclear weaponeers, would leave a gap,' the former senior intelligence official said. '"Decisive" is the key word of the Air Force's planning. It's a tough decision. But we made it in Japan.'

3. "He went on, ‘Nuclear planners go through extensive training and learn the technical details of damage and fallout-we're talking about mushroom clouds, radiation, mass casualties, and contamination over years. This is not an underground nuclear test, where all you see is the earth raised a little bit. These politicians don't have a clue, and whenever anybody tries to get it out'-remove the nuclear option-'they're shouted down.'"

2. Bombing Iran could "provoke 'a chain reaction' of attacks on American facilities and citizens throughout the world."

1. See reasons #9.

Read the entire article

Would President Bush go to war to stop Tehran from getting the bomb?
by Seymour M. Hersh
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