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» Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Out of Iraq :: Now !

John KerryAnti Torture      Contact your Senators and tell them to support this bill...   Load up on them about 'Net Neurtality' while you are at it...   I also asked mine if they were aware of the coalition of blogs against torture.

These efforts should be followed up with measures to cut off funding for the war-mongering NeoCons and their corporate profiteers.   That is what it took to get us out of Vietnam and that is what it will take to get us out of Iraq.   Money is all they understand.   They will find their imperialistic ambitions lacking when they can no longer get rich doing it.

Ask your lawmakers what is taking them so long in responding to the majority of the people in this country.   The majority of people in this country think it is time to stop the war and bring our troops home.   Now...   - fc
Excerpts of S.2766 introduced in the United States Senate on June 12, 2006

Purpose: To require the withdrawal of United States Armed Forces from Iraq and urge the convening of an Iraq summit.




  • (1) SCHEDULE FOR WITHDRAWAL. -- The President shall reach an agreement as soon as possible with the Government Iraq on a schedule for the withdrawal of United States combat troops from Iraq by December 31, 2006, leaving only forces that are critical to completing the mission of standing up Iraqi security forces.
  • (2) CONSULTATION WITH CONGRESS REQUIRED. -- The President shall consult with Congress regarding such schedule and shall present such withdrawal agreement to Congress immediately upon the completion of the agreement.
(b) IRAQ SUMMIT. -- The President should convene a summit as soon as possible that includes the leaders of the Government of Iraq, leaders of the governments of each country bordering Iraq, representatives of the Arab League, the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization representatives of the European Union, and leaders of the governments of each permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, for the purpose of reaching a comprehensive political agreement for Iraq that addresses fundamental issues including federalism, oil revenues, the militias, security guarantees, reconstruction, economic assistance, and border security.

From the Comments

Stopping of War Funding...

There have been several attempts to limit or kill spending for the Bagdad Embassey and the permanent military bases in Iraq.   The War Hawks managed to stop them all.   It will take strong leadership by our lawmakers to finally shut off the spigot of tax dollars being drained into the desert of Iraq.   The NeoCons just will not give up until they are made to.   Until we stop the flow of money, the flow of blood will continue...   - fc

Not One Penny More for War! - Submitted by davidswanson on Sat, 2006-02-25 15:46.

No Permanent Bases: Passed Both Houses, Removed in Conference Committee - Submitted by davidswanson on Fri, 2006-06-09 05:20.

'No permanent bases' taken out of supplemental spending bill in conference by: kwilkinson June 09, 2006

House Approves $82-Billion War Spending Bill

February 16, 2004 - War Resisters League's Military Spending "Pie Chart"

War Tax Resistance
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