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» Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The New Iraq

They should have known! Yesterday at the joint news conference with Bush and Maliki we didn't hear anything about the following little tidbit that had bed alluded to weeks ago... (from the Huffington Post article linked below)
"During his visit to the White House today, Maliki is expected to push for an end to legal immunity for U.S. troops and broader amnesty for Iraqi insurgents -- both legitimate claims for a sovereign government ("Let freedom reign!")."

After the news conference we heard all kinds of noise from congress critters about Maliki not condeming Hezbollah and a letter from them demanding an apology from him before he would be allowed to speak at a joint session of congress today.
Huffington Post
Maliki's Testy Visit: Is This What Our Troops Are Dying For?

What more, Maliki wants to "maintain strong ties to Iran," has sided with Hezbollah in the current hostilities with Israel, and has pledged $35 million in aid to Lebanon (where is that money coming from?). And then we have the speaker of the Iraqi Parliament saying "I personally think whoever kills an American soldier in defense of his country would, have a statue built for him in that country.

So this is what over 2,500 American have died for, what over 18,500 Americans have been wounded for, what the American people have spent over $320 billion helping create: a government that makes nice with Iran, backs Hezbollah, and some of whose members think the killers of American soldiers deserve a statue? We can't bring back those lives, heal those wounds, or recoup that money, but we can say enough is enough.

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As I have stated many times before, we have created more problems with the Bush Administration's incompetent and ill advised invasion of Iraq than we have solved.   We have created the Islamic Republic of Iraq which already is endorsing close ties to Iran.   We have killed and wounded thousands, ours and Iraqi.   We have spent a huge fortune and endebted our children and grandchildren.

And now we want their democratically elected muslim leaders to tow the AIPAC line and endorse Israel's killing of innocent civilians in Lebanon.   It seems that congress has just been bitch slapped by reality.   A reality that a lot of us saw coming as soon as the NeoCons started beating the war drums for Operation Iraqi Freedom.   How ironic is that name going to be in the history books...?
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