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» Monday, August 21, 2006

Lieberman Forced To Be A Democrat

Concession to LamontJLThe forced change in Lieberman this weekend was a direct result of his loss to Lamont.   The dems are dodging a bullet here by Lieberman criticizing Rumsfeld.   It supposedly is meant to regain support from the moderates who displayed their voting displeasure with Lieberman in the primary.

Somebody in the liberal - progressive Lieberman camp must have gotten HolyJoe's attention.   Those same voters are ready to elect a Dem majority in november.   A congress that will stop this War in Iraq and reign in the Miserable Failure in the White House.

There should be a lot of politicos who should be taking that same advise.   As Brad DeLong notes below, this turn of events is a win-win situation for the Democrats and the American People.   - fc

Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal
Time to Declare Victory and Go Home?
August 20, 2006

Now--no matter who wins the Connecticut senate race in November--we will have a shrill critic of George W. Bush and his Iraq policy:

Lieberman calls for Rumsfeld to quit - Yahoo! News: "With all respect to Don Rumsfeld... we would benefit from new leadership to work with our military in Iraq," [Lieberman] said on CBS's "Face the Nation." Lieberman said the Bush administration should have sent more troops into Iraq "to secure the country."

That is a big victory.

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