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» Friday, August 18, 2006

Rule Of Law

differing perspectives The U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor's ruling on the NSA survailance program is a firestorm.   It is a persistantly heated one by way of reaching a flashpoint intensity from the very beginning.   The rule of law says that Bush has knowingly been commiting crimes against his office and to the constitution which he swore to uphold and protect.

For those of us who live outside of Bush's Bubble, it is becoming more and more evident that they took advantage of the "War Of Terror" to increase presidential powers.   Opinions, directives and presidential rulings do not a constitution buster make of the executive branch.   We are all expected to live by the law and so should they.

As usual the right wing blogosphere have excused the Bush lawlessness and outright breach of criminal law code (Defying the FISA Court).   The outrage has iniated personal attacks including her background, race and private life.   I do not link to the wingnuts but if you are interested in what they are saying, check out this post at liberal catnip (by way of Glenn Greenwald - Unclaimed Territory.   She links to the actual wingnut'o'sphere so you can go read the filth yourself if you are of a mind to.

liberal catnip Right-Wing Reactions to the Warrantless Wiretapping Decision

Not only is she a Carter appointee, she is Black.

lets hope the first bomb that comes here is dropped on this judges head.

The judge agrees with the ACLU in wanting us all dead.

She seems to hate America and fairness almost as much as the Plaintiffs do.

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