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» Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Ckinton 08

What a Refreshing ThoughtBill ClintonHillary Clinton Ya know, I have not really given Hillary for 08 much thought.   There is so much going wrong with the Bush/Cheney Administration that there is hardly time to think two years into the future.   Especially when Bush has the focus of all that is wrong with politics and the lies and incompetence he represents.

Bill was just on Larry King Live speaking about all the things he is doing around the world.   It is so refreshing to hear a person speaking off the cuff and being able to stay focused, informative and easy to follow.   It may be he and I share the same slow speaking manerisms that you develop in Arkansas.   Yes I am from Arkansas but now living in Ohio.

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I could go into several stories about him not being able to keep his fly zipped and how Hillary taught him everything he knows.   The former is a given and the latter in urban myth.   Bill did not get to be a Rhodes Scholar by being a puppet for Hillary.   Yes she was a driving force behind promoting him and nurturing his development but anyone who takes this man lightly is doing themselves a dis-service.

When you do take a little time to think about what this team would mean in the White House in 2009, it is not really to hard to take.   You have to realise that it would take such a powerful administration like this to undo so much of the damage that George W. Bush and his criminal cabal have done.

Hillary is by far not my number one choice for 2008 but I would have no trouble supporting her if the Democrats do pick her.   You have to work with what you have and I have no doubt that she would be more inclined to work for the people of this country than the disaster we have now. - ƒç
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