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» Friday, September 22, 2006

From The Ashes

The NeoCons RiseNeoCon Like a phoenix firebrand, the NeoCons have risen from the ashes of defeat.   Soaring against all odds of decency and moral courage, their black eagle has resurgently taken wing to symbolize the philosophy of the Bush / Cheney Administration's arrogant disregard for the rule of law and the Geneva Conventions.

Torture, rendition and abuse of Executive Power along with a myriad of other injustices have been foistiered upon the American Consciousness.   Lies, incompetence, corruption and complete disregard for reality have replaced the moral high ground upon which this country was built.

The blood lust for power and unhindered promotion of endless wars, has turned the imperialistic dreams of the NeoCon Ideology into the harsh reality of 21st Century Amerika.
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Fascistic Corporatism has been fomented by the drumbeats of Bush's Military Industrial Complex, enabled by privitization of the military by the corrupt and incompetent political leadership of George W. Bush and the Cheney Administration.

It may be a little early yet but I may have to put some paint on the bird.   A red white and blue paint job would be in order if the new 'compromise' torture bill as critiqued by Marty Lederman at Balkinization gets pushed thru CONgress.

It seems that Bush got everything he wanted and the 'rebel' republicans lost their moral high ground.   Was it just for show that they bucked the pRezident...?   Why would they abdicate Congressional Powers, allow Bush to write his own rules and remove Judicial Review...?   What have they gained other than successfully flooding reality with a smoke and mirrors delusion.

It sure looks like this has all been just a grandstand play for a gullible public's consumption...   Will the Democrats just stand there and let this happen...?   I hope for the sake of this country that they don't.   - ƒç
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