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» Sunday, September 03, 2006

New NIE Coming

No N.I.E. last year       The news that congress has forced Negraponte to produce a new N.I.E. (National Intelligence Extimate) is good news.   One of the first things Negraponte did was can the pratice of having to give an honest estimate of our foreign policy to Bushji.   Your'e doing a heck of job Negrapointe... (It's bad so Bushji don't want to see it) - (no problem)

It sounded so "Bushji" when I first heard of this last year.   It was believed at the time that the rubber stamp congress did not want to see the facts on the ground in Iraq either.   Seems like a little thing like keeping their jobs and distancing themselves from a failed loose-cannon president is really important all of a sudden.   Go Figure...

This coming along with the news that al-Sistani has given up trying to get the Shi'a to mitigate the violence against the Sunni insurgents.   Sistani (the top Shi'a cleric in Southern Iraq) has stated he will only deal with religious questions from now on, this preceeding by one day the gunning down of one of his top aids.   If this was not a big enough problem, the Kurds refused to fly the Iraqi National Flag because it is the same one Saddam used and represents the violence brought upon the Kurds by Saddam.

Since these two occurances only happened this weekend it is hard to tell if they will be reflected in the soon to be released NIE.   The reality on the ground in Iraq didn't really need these kinds of events tailing in on a report that must reflect the massive increase of civilians due to the Civil War (sectarian violence).   If there is a way of not putting this info in the report, the Bushji's will certainly find a way...   - fc

Iraq: A Sweeping, Secret New Report

Sept. 11, 2006 issue - Bush administration policymakers and their congressional backers may get some unwelcome news from a new analysis on Iraq that the office of intelligence czar John Negroponte will soon produce. In late July, leading Senate Democrats asked Negroponte to come up with a new Iraq National Intelligence Estimate, or NIE, a secret study that is supposed to reflect the views of all 16 U.S. intel agencies. The most recent Iraq NIE, produced two years ago, was generally pessimistic about the future of the country. In a letter to Negroponte, the Senate Dems asked for U.S. analysts' best assessment on a sheaf of awkward issues, including: Is Iraq in a civil war or close to it? How effective are new Iraqi security forces? Is the Iraqi government stable?

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