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» Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Thanks Big Dawg

Big Dawg & The Republican ωhoresBill Clinton It did my heart good to see Big Dawg grab the republican ωhörëš by the ears and make 'um suck on his....   Take that Karl Rove...   You are a two bit script writer compared to the Big Dawg when he has a national stage to perform on.

Faux got ƒυςΚëÐ but didn't get kissed...

You ain't seen a good βîζçΗ ŠLåÞÞin' til Big Dawg pokes a stiff one down your throat and makes you like it...   You give Big Dawg a little time to think about somethin' like ABC did with their little hit job movie and you better watch out.   Karl Rove is a rank amateur compared to Big Dawg when he is rattlin' his chain, scaring you Šhïtζëšš and tearing you a new Äššhölë...   All at the same time...

None of the republican ωhörëš have had to deal with Big Dawg in the last five years so most of them had no idea this award winning performance was even comin'...   And comin'...   and   comin...

Driving home a point with a big stiff finger in your face, pokin' ya here and there is enough to send hot salty þïšš running down both britches legs as faux boy found out the other day...   He will not soon forget that empty feeling in the pit of his stomach, the veins poppin' out on the side of his head and the fact that his little Šhït eating grin was just all he could muster...   in the face of the Big Dawg...

Few have ever felt the wrath of the Big Dawg up close and personal and you can bet your sweet Äšš those that have will never forget it.   Thanks to Big Dawg, the sound bites, multiple camera angles and videos and mp3's promulgated all over the internets, those who are brave enough to stand up and fight these evil republican ωhörëš in Washington D.C. will have plenty of trainin' film.

If you are like me and ya want to let Big Dawg know that we appreciate him tearing a few of 'um new Äššhölëš, then ease on over to this new blog and tell him yo'self that for the first time in a while, it feels good to be an American.   An American who will fight back and take no Šhït from a bunch of lilly-livered chicken-Šhït republican ωhörëš.

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