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» Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cost of War

More Than It Is Worth... I saw a special on cable TV that was dealing with Peak Oil.   This is not a fantasy or a hypothetical situation.   We will reach peak production in most of our lifetimes which means we have used over half of the available oil in the world.   This also is not a surprise to the world since it has been predicted for decades.

What floored me was presented as a footnote at the end of the piece.   We have spent more on the War in Iraq than we could realistically hope to realise from the oil we would import from them.   Think about that for a little bit.

In other words, the Neocons planned a short, cheap cost effective war that would put them in control of all the oil in Iraq.   They not only wanted our share.   They wanted it all.   And if they had not failed to actually plan for the day after Saddam fell, I am sure they were planning on having their way with Iran's oil also.

As we have seen from the very beginning, the reasons for going to war were adjusted as each reason evaporated.   Mushroom Clouds, WMD, biological weapons, ties to al-Queada.   All have fallen by the wayside.   At various times here lately Bush has exclaimed that if we leave Iraq it will allow islamic extremists to control the oil.

This is a more telling statement than people realise because it comes from the Denier In Chief because he and his followers have claimed that invading Iraq was never about the oil.   If it was never about the oil then why do they use it as a tool of fear to scare us into voting Republican...?   If it was not about the oil then why was their original plan to privitize Iraqi oil - selling the Iraqi Oil Companies to American Companies...?   If not for the owners of our oil companies refusing to buy into that idea, the NeoCons would surely have tried to make that happen.

Only now are we learning the rest of the story after more of our people have been killed there than were killed on 9/11, not to forget the thousands of Iraqi's killed and the 20,000 plus Americans wounded.   There drastic need to control the Middle East was never because of terrorism, nor about protecting Israel, nor any other NeoCon talking point they may wish to put forward.   It was always about the oil.   Pure and simple...

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