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» Sunday, October 08, 2006

End of The Revolution

It's About Time...Republican Revolution Ends       Of course it is not timely enough for the thousands who have needlessly died in Iraq.   It is not timely enough for the thousands of troops still on the ground who face an enemy without proper equipment and armor or sufficient numbers to get the job done.   It's not timely enough for the thousands of veterans who have come home from Iraq to face reduced benefits and incompetent administration of the services they so desperately need.   It's not timely enough for the needless deaths in New Orleans during the incompetent handling of the Katrina aftermath and the lackluster rebuilding effort wraught in corruption and cronyism.   It's not timely enough for the millions of low income people of this country who have struggled to survive while the NeoCons ellicit corporate welfare and tax cuts for the rich.   It's not timely enough for the very Constitution of the United States that has been needlessly damaged by the NeoCon powerplay for their beloved Unitary President.

The NeoCon puppet in the White House is so worried about his legacy and rightly so.   When history is written it will be written in blood and laid at the feet of George W. Bush and his rubber stamp congress.   It will be shown that this era is one of the darkest in this great country's history.   There will be no doubt that Clinton did not do it.   There will be no excuses they can parade in front of the faux news minions that can lay the blame anywhere except where it belongs...   The power mad and wrecklessly incompetent NeoCons.

Thus the End of the Revolution comes for the NeoCons, not by an awareness that all the above atrocities were inflicted upon us by the Republicans 2000 - 2008 but by a sex scandal that rocks the foundations of the exploited evangelical base which they used to gain and maintain power.   Ma and Pa America were forgiving about their sons and daughters who have died fighting a supposedly honorable War Of Terror on the other side of the planet.   When push came to shove in the revelations that a congressman was having sexually explicit conversations and IM (messages) with underage male pages, the final straw was laid on the back of the camel.

Parents and specifically mothers are appalled by this scandal as is reflected in polls taken since this all unfolded.   Republicans that have had any knowledge of Mark Foley's escapades are rapidly sinking in the polls.   The Republicans in general have an albatros around their necks that will not go away.

For me it is sad that so many people could turn a blind eye to all the things that Bush has done to harm our country and then in the eleventh hour be awoken by a sex scandal.   If that is what it takes to remove from power these forces that have harmed our country so, then so be it.   Not a moment to soon in my book.

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