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» Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Foley :: Molested By Priest

turned him gay       I can't remember where I read it but someone speculated that Foley would reveal that he had been molested by a priest as a child and that is what turned him gay.   Yeah... Right...   It would be funny if it were not for this predator corrupting minors.   Whoever came up with this rovian twist speculation deserves recognition.   If you know who it was, let me know and I will credit them...

Maybe Foley felt called by the gods to recruit little repubs for the Log Cabin Republicans.   I'm sure he would get a kick-back from the Log Cabin Folks for every convert.   It really is a hard-on job.   Really hard-on...   But how long is it...?   Foley has a curious mind and he wants to know... exactly... how long is it...?   Don't forget to measure for Mark...

Bay Buchanan along with other folks are calling for Haster to resign.   Yeah...   That's right...   The right wing witch of the NeoCons.   Aint it special...   Well, they are gonna have to pry the gavel from his cold dead fingers, after all his war criminal hero in the white house has gotten away with incompetence and lies for 6 years...

Common Cause has a petition ( see NeoAlertz ) asking that Hastert re-convene CONgress to address this debacle.   Act For Change also has a similar initiative.

Butt seriously now...   Agitprop has a round-up on some of the more interesting news blurbs (spurts for all the republicans out there)...

The Daily Schadenfreude
(Now With Thetans!)

MORE: And what took him so long?   Hannity blames Bill Clinton for Predatorgate.   As stated, Drudge blames the victims.   The Family Research Council blames "tolerance and diversity."   Gary Bauer blames unmarried people.   Boehner blames Hastert.   Reynolds blames Hastert.   Hastert blames his workload and liberals.   Tony Snow blames general naughtiness.   Newt blames the Democrats.   Rush blames the Democrats.   Katherine Harris blames the Democrats and the media.   Sully blames the closet.   Instapundit, Ben Stein, and The Wall Street Journal (among others) blame the gays.   Foley blames the demon rum.   Does anybody blame Foley?
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