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» Saturday, October 28, 2006

Forgive Those Who Trespass

Or Time For Retribution...?NeoConThe NeoCon bird has taken quite a beating but is still a very dangerous bird, especially when painted up in Election Colors.   The NeoCons in the guise of Republicans have preyed on America for three election cycles...   Wreaking havoc on the very foundations of our society.   Our Constitution.   The morals and values that make this country great.   It is time to start reigning them in...
Quoth the Dark Wraith

by: Dark Wraith

There are two principal problems with forgiving those who trespass against you. First, forgiveness is sometimes nothing more than another name for fear, a false means by which the call to just retribution can be set aside. Second, forgiving a monster assures that it will harm others after you, thereby making you guilty of enabling it to do so.

Even the best of people can be afraid of incurring a monster's wrath; but fear is just an emotion, and as such it can be overcome.

Guilt, on the other hand, is not an emotion; it is a fact, and as such it cannot be overcome. Not within a good person's heart, anyway.

Choose, then, both wisely and sparingly those whom you forgive that you will not be forced later to beg forgiveness from those who suffered because you had forgiven a raging monster.

Dark Wraith Forums

What I see in the Dark Wraith's words is simple.   The longer Bush is left unchecked without being forced to respond to the reality of the harm he has done, the more the Rivers of the Mesopotamian Valley will run red with blood.   The longer this nation must be ashamed of where it has been led to.

The time of fogiveness of the lies, corruption and incompetence are at an end.

It is time for retribution in the only form available to us...
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