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» Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Clinton Tells Carville To...

Sit Down and Shut Up...Dean Aint it rich...   The mighty Carville (mighty wrong a lot) got shot down in flames for his remark about replacing Howard Dean at the DNC.   I love it...   He underestimated the importance of Dean's 50 state strategy along with a bunch of weeping wingnuts (Santorum at the top of the list) and had him a little hissy fit because he didn't get to be the guru that had it all figured out.

The beltway spinmeisters are all mad because they got bypassed in the groundswell of voters ire against the Republicans.   They are still in denial of the netroots and the 'base' that Dean built in just two short years.   They eagerly took credit for the tsunami when it was actually Dean who provided the earthquake that triggered it.

Dean was hard at work from the beginning of the Lamont - LIEbermann primary (his grassroots organising being mirrored by the Lamont activists).   The beltway boys were busy tap dancing around the issue of supporting the Democratic Candidate of choice and this did not go un-noticed by the netroots.   It just emphesised the point that if we want to make changes, we have to take it upon ourselves to do it.

Waiting for the DLC, megacorp owned bigwigs in D.C. to listen to what the people want is a long term goal only.   It may be a false hope to ever expect the beltway boys to really get it...   As long as the netroots get it..., I don't really care...   - fc
Hil's no dump Dean fan
Her camp sez Carville on his own in coup bid

Insiders from the Clinton camp winced at Carville's untimely remarks last week calling for Dean's ouster in favor of unsuccessful Senate candidate Harold Ford of Tennessee.

"It was not coming from [Sen. Hillary Clinton] and they made a real effort to distance themselves from James' comments," said a source close to the Clintons.

"No question Dean can survive because this is a mathematical equation: He has the votes on the DNC because he has been investing in the state parties," said party activist David Sirota.

Even Dean-basher Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and an exadviser to former President Bill Clinton, called Dean last week to say Carville was acting alone, and one-time DNC Chairman Don Fowler referred to Carville as an "ill-advised" voice.

"Why do the Washington people think that they have a special prerogative to dictate what the Democratic Party needs?" Fowler wrote in an e-mail to the party faithful. "Why should anyone want to mess with the team that won these remarkable [election] results?"

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