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» Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election 2006 Results

How They Stack Up...Man it feels good to smell democracy early in the morning...   These races as called at MSNBC Politics.   Gray shaded races at the bottom are too close to call and will be decided in the near future...   - fc
Election 2006 Results
Updated :: Nov 8, 2006 :: 11:45 pm
Projected Race Name / Website Opponent
D E M OH Governor Ted Strickland James Blackwell
D E M OH Senate Sherrod Brown Mike DeWine *
D E M MD Senate Ben Cardin Michael Steele
D E M MO Senate Claire McCaskill Jim Talent *
D E M MN Senate Amy Klobuchar Mark Kennedy
D E M MT Senate Jon Tester Conrad Burns *
D E M NJ Senate Bob Menendez * Tom Kean
D E M PA Senate Robert Casey Jr. Rick Santorum *
D E M RI Senate Sheldon Whitehouse Lincoln Chafee *
D E M VA Senate James Webb George Allen *
D E M AZ 05 Harry Mitchell J.D. Hayworth *
D E M AZ 08 Gabrielle Giffords Randy Graf
D E M OH 06 Charlie Wilson Chuck Blasdel
D E M OH 13 Betty Sutton Craig Foltin
D E M OH 18 Zack Space Joy Padgett
D E M CT 05 Chris Murphy Nancy Johnson *
D E M FL 11 Kathy Castor Eddie Adams
D E M FL 16 Tim Mahoney Mark Foley *
D E M FL 22 Ron Klein Clay Shaw *
D E M IA 01 Bruce Braley Mike Whalen
D E M IA 02 Dave Loebsack Jim Leach *
D E M IL 17 Phil Hare Andrea Zinga
D E M IN 02 Joe Donnelly Chris Chocola *
D E M IN 08 Brad Ellsworth John Hostettler *
D E M IN 09 Baron Hill Mike Sodrel *
D E M KY 03 John Yarmuth Anne Northup *
D E M KS 02 Nancy Boyda Jim Ryun *
D E M MN 01 Tim Walz Gil Gutknecht *
D E M NH 01 Carol Shea-Porter Jeb Bradley *
D E M NH 02 Paul Hodes Charles Bass *
D E M NC 11 Heath Shuler Charles Taylor *
D E M NY 19 John Hall Sue W. Kelly *
D E M NY 20 Kirsten Gillibrand John Sweeney *
D E M NY 24 Michael Arcuri Raymond Meier
D E M PA 07 Joe Sestak Curt Weldon *
D E M PA 04 Jason Altmire Melissa Hart *
D E M PA 08 Patrick Murphy Mike Fitzpatrick *
D E M PA 10 Christopher Carney Don Sherwood *
D E M TN 09 Steve Cohen Mark White
D E M TX 22 Nick Lampson Sekula-Gibbs
D E M WI 08 Steven Kagen John Gard
50- 50 (99%) NM 01 Patricia Madrid Heather Wilson
NeoCon CT Senate LIEberman Lamont
Note :: Asterisk indicates an incumbant
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