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» Sunday, November 19, 2006

NeoCons Under The Bus

Rumsfeld - Cheney - Rove - Next... The most overlooked aspect of the recent turn of events has been the fact that Bush threw Rumsfeld under the bus before the elections were decided.   The Decider making the decision to try to save his own image in the eye of history rather than worry about the very core of the brain power and mindset that started him down the road to his personal disaster in the first place.

By purging the Pentagon of the NeoCon War Mongers he not only is doing himself a favor but also the first really important thing he has done for this country since being hijacked by the dark side.   By allowing his father to install cooler heads and those who will listen to the military and intellegence advice with a more sincere attitude in order to formulate and execute strategy that will benefit this country and not continue to be detrimental, he has made the only decision posible.   Work for this country instead of against it.

The decision to set Cheney down and tell him to shut up is of prime importance to understanding the import of the Decider's great turn in the Ship of State.   Has Condi had an instrumental role in this course correction?   It is obcious in just charting the general direction that she wanted to steer clear of Cheney, that this assumption seems not only plausable but highly likely to be the case.   There is a big gray area that is Josh Bolton and how he has facilitated any and all of these top echelon changes.

The Roverer's decision to wait until after the election to de-feather Rumsfeld was one the Decider had to weight very heavily.   By doing so he lost control of the Senate and many House seats that would have made the Democratic takeover less powerful.   He has created in the Republicans the dreaded and often used meme of 'A Party Split with Indecision' that worked so well against the Democrats.
New York Times :: A Tough Road Ahead for the President’s Closest Adviser

But Republicans do not seem to be feeling like much of a team right now, let alone one that will look to Mr. Rove as its leader.

The tables have turned on them and now as a weakened minority, they will face unpleasant changes in Iraq by way of new Pentagon leadership and by hightened oversight and investigation of current and previous foreign and domestic policy of which they were culpable in abusing and abridging the very foundations of our country.

The next two years will be one of a beginning process of restoration.   Restoration of confidence in our government.   It will not be quick and it will not be easy for Bush to accept.   It is inevitable and no longer just an option that the American People were hoping to eventually enact.

It is up to us to keep the fire under their feet stoked and fueled with the knowledge that we are taking this country back from the NeoCons and they have no say in it whatsoever...

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