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» Monday, November 13, 2006

Rove Rummy :: The Blame Game

When They are Wrong...   They Spin... The implosion of the wingnuts is a spectacle to behold.   The 23 percent'ers ( About "23% of the populace falls into the follower category" said John Dean. "These people are impervious" to fact, rationality and reality. ) are stars of the three ring circus that has been made of the wingnut blogosphere...   They will never give up their idolatrous worship of everything Bushji...   This much we have known for quite a while but it is still amazing to observe the twist and spin of the blame game in the last few days.

For true insight into this phenomenon one must start at the top...   Bush's Brain...   Not the one in the sock-puppet front man but the real brain...   Of course...   Karl Rove... The theory is this: The building's infrastructure was actually quite sound. It was bad luck and seasonal shifts in the winds that blew out the walls -- complacent candidates, an ill-timed Mark Foley page scandal and the predictable cycles of history.
Not everyone is so blaise about the blame game...   A couple of quotes from the above article...
Andrew Sullivan, the conservative writer: "Shows him not to be a genius, but to be a real failure as a political strategist."

David Gergen, ex-presidential adviser: "He went off to hardliners, and that left an awful lot of moderates . . . feeling alienated."
Some of the de-throned Republicans are even less happy with Rove's decission to wait to replace Rummy... Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has suggested that if Bush replaced Rumsfeld two weeks before the election, voters would not have been as angry about the unpopular Iraq war. Republicans would have gained the boost they needed, according to Gingrich, to retain their majority in the Senate and hold onto 10 to 15 more House seats.

Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., the outgoing chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, agreed with that assessment.

In other words, if they had just had a little time to run their mudslinging ads without the inference of the eye-popping scandals, they could have conned Ma and Pa America into voting for them again...   Them wingnuts sure are somethin' else - aint they...   - fc

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