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» Saturday, December 09, 2006

Committee Positions

110th Congress ƒàτçàτ ρòlìτìçš       There has been a lot of noise about the Blue Dogs and the new conservative Democrats elected this november.   When you actually take a look at who will be heading the important House Committees, it is plain to see the progressives are in full evidence.

This list was at Booman's Diary at DailyKos but it had no links embedded.   I added links to the Committee Websites, the Reps' Websites and an info page at

There are efforts underway at DailyKos ( Congressional Committees Project ... please join us! ) to monitor these committees and present real time info to the web on legislation and it's status.   Through involved activism like this we will be able to keep a close eye on what is being done in our name.

This information has been available for quite some time but do you really stay actively engaged with the progress and quantity...?   Most of the time we involve ourselves with specific bills that interest us.   We need to move beyond that and focus on the broad picture of what is happening in these critical days to follow in January. is another site brought on line to help us stay in touch.   It has received endorsements from MYDD's kid oakland.   A Complete Listing of Congressional Committees can be a very useful tool found at Contacting the Congress along with tons of other info.  

Committee/website - Representatives Name House
Agriculture - Chair: Collin Peterson MN-07 info
Livestock and Horticulture: David Scott GA-13 info
Appropriations - Chair: David Obey WI-02 info
Agriculture & Rural Development: Rosa DeLauro CT-03 info
Foreign Operations, Export Financing: Nita Lowey NY-18 info
Armed Services - Chair: Ike Skelton MO-04 info
Readiness: Soloman Ortiz TX-27 info
Strategic Forces: Silvestre Reyes TX-16 info
Budget - Chair: John Spratt SC-05 info
Education & The Workforce - Chair: George Miller CA-07 info
• Education Reform: Lynn Woolsey (website n/a) CA-06 info
• Select Education: Ruben Hinojosa (website n/a) TX-15 info
• Workforce Protections: Dennis Kucinich (website n/a) OH-10 info
Energy & Commerce - Chair: John Dingell MI-15 info
Environment & Hazardous Materials: Hilda Solis CA-32 info
Ethics - Chair - Howard Berman CA-28 info
Finance - Chair: Barney Frank MA-04 info
Domestic & Int Monetary Policy: Carolyn Maloney NY-14 info
Financial Institutions & Consumer Credit: Melvin Watt NC-12 info
Oversight & Investigations: Luis Gutierrez IL-04 info
Housing & Community: Maxine Waters CA-35 info
Government Reform - Chair: Henry Waxman CA-30 info
Federal Workforce & Agency Organization: Danny Davis IL-07 info
Federalism and the Census: William Clay MO-01 info
Government Management, Finance: Edolphus Towns NY-10 info
Energy & Resources: Diane Watson CA-33 info
Homeland Security - Chair: Bennie Thompson MS-02 info
Economic, Infrastructure & Cybersecurity: Loretta Sanchez CA-47 info
Intelligence, Information Sharing: Zoe Lofgren CA-16 info
Management, Integration & Oversight: Kendrick Meek FL-17 info
House Administration - Chair: Juanita Millender-McDonald CA-37 info
Intelligence - Chair: Silvestre Reyes TX-16 info
Technical and Tactical Intelligence: Anna Eschoo CA-14 info
International Relations - Chair: Tom Lantos CA-12 info
Africa, Global Human Rights: Donald Payne NJ-10 info
Asia and the Pacific - Eni Faleomavaega Samoa info
Judiciary - Chair: John Conyers, Jr. MI-14 info
Commerical and Administration: Melvin Watt NC-12 info
Crime, Terrorism & Homeland Security: Bobby Scott VA-03 info
Immigration, Border Security: Shelia Jackson Lee TX-18 info
Resources - Chair: Nick Rahall WV-03 info
Energy and Mineral Resources: Raul Grijalva AZ-07 info
National Parks: Donna Christenson Virg Isl info
Water and Power: Grace Napolitano CA-38 info
Rules - Chair: Louise Slaughter NY-28 info
Legislative & Budget Process: Alcee Hastings FL-23 info
Science - Chair: Bart Gordon TN-06 info
Research: Darlene Hooley OR-06 info
Energy: Michael Honda CA-15 info
Environment, Technology & Standards: David Wu OR-01 info
Small Business - Chair: Nydia Velaquez NY-12 info
Regulatory Reform and Oversight: Madeleine Bardallo Guam info
Tax Finance and Exports: Juanita Millender-McDonald CA-37 info
Transportation - Chair: James Oberstar MN-08 info
Economic Development: Eleanor Holmes Norton D.C. info
Railroads: Corrine Brown FL-03 info
Water Resources: Eddie Bernice Johnson TX-30 info
Veteran's Affairs - Chair: Bob Filner CA-51 info
Disability Assistance and Memorial: Shelley Berkley NV-01 info
Economic Opportunity: Stephanie Herseth S.D. info
Oversight and Investigations: Silvestre Reyes TX-16 info
Ways and Means - Chair: Charlie Rangel NY-15 info
Oversight: John Lewis GA-05 info
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