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» Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hide The Data

Classify it Secret

You think Clinton justified the nickname 'Slick Willy'...   Bill Clinton aint got shit on George W. Bush.   The only thing is Bush aint smart enough to be slick...   He just hides from the public any figures or information that may make him look bad.   When you realize that any information about this corrupt and criminal cabal in the White House is going to make the little cowboy look bad, it is a wonder we have any hard facts about this moron and his schemes.

They classified as secret the last 3 months data for this report where none had been classified secret before (so we did not see it before the elections).   No real surprise here...   Just desperate moves by desperate people hoping they don't end their political careers in prison...

The Carpetbagger Report has the following to add to this story...

Keeping Iraq attack numbers under wraps

Enemy-Iniated Attacks against the Coalition and It's Iraqi Partners
- May 2003 to August 2006

Iraq GAO Attack Figures

The number of attacks from August 2006, and every month prior, are publicly available, but the fall of 2006 has to remain classified? Without explanation?

Of course, this does fit nicely into the Bush administration’s m.o. — when data is inconvenient, hide it.

When government reports conflict with the White House’s, the Bush gang has a choice — deal with the problem or change the reports. Guess which course they prefer?

Note: ::   A comment by 'libra' to the above post also suggested that the Closings of the EPA Libraries be added to the Carpetbaggers' list...

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